What are the instrumental music of Japan

japanese music

Japanese music has been heavily influenced by Chinese since it entered history; it also shows Korean and Indian influences.
Important forms and phenomena of the Japanese musical life are the simple solo folk song at the beginning or the unison choral song, the dance ceremonies of Shinto sanctuaries (Kagura), Social songs and chants of Buddhist monks (hymns), the courtly one built in the second half of the 8th century or the Heian period according to the Chinese pattern GagakuOrchestra that No game (the combination of solo chants, choirs, instrumental music, dialogue and dance in the form of a kind of folk opera), the Joruri called song form, the puppet theater in Osaka, the tradition of the Kabuki theater in Tokyo (both from the 17th century), the ancient Japanese art form Naga-uta, Ballads and songs of the geishas.
The vocal character of the high female or sometimes male voices performed in falsetto has a strange effect on the European ear, as does the sound of certain wind and string instruments. The set of instruments consists of zither-like instruments, the most popular of which is the koto, and several types of lutes (Shamisen and Biwa). There are several types of recorder and transverse flute, as well as oboes, on wind instruments (Hichiriki) and mouth organs. In addition, there is a wide variety of drums.
Japanese music invented several notation systems, such as the monk's notation Kakui. Since around 1870, Western music has also become more and more popular in Japan and is being nurtured and developed considerably by Japanese soloists, choirs, symphony orchestras and music schools, while traditional music is being pushed back more and more. Composers inspired by contemporary techniques include Tôru Takemitsu and Toshiro Mayuzumi, who work with serial techniques. Among the younger composers is especially Hosokawa Toshio significant, who deals intensively with traditional Japanese music. Formed a role in Japanese pop music Hibari Misora the soulful ballad form Enka. The virtuoso drum group became known worldwide Ondekoza.