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What children need to play

Children need playmates

Children need children to play with. If your child grows up without siblings, you should give them as much opportunity as possible to make playmates of the same age. With younger children, it is necessary to initiate and maintain contact with other children, for example by inviting other children to your home or visiting them, meeting at the playground or joining a play group.

Even if your child has a disability, it is important to play with other children - for example in play groups, play groups or daycare centers. It can have experiences that it cannot gain at home and learn new and different games. Children with learning delays, in particular, learn a lot through imitation when they play together. Conversely, a child without a disability experiences in integrative groups that some children can be different in their expressive possibilities, their speed or their abilities, but can also become good playmates and friends.

Since daycare places are increasingly being offered for children under three years of age, your child can come into regular contact with children of the same age and other children here as well. From the third birthday, they finally have a legal right to a place in a day-care center. If your child is chronically ill or disabled, you have the option of choosing an integrative day care center or a special day care center for your child, where your child is looked after by specialist staff. In many places, regular facilities now also offer places for children with disabilities. Ask your youth welfare office.