How can you study successfully

Studying successfully - this is how it works

If you have decided on a university or college, you expect a high-quality education. You would like to acquire in-depth knowledge of a branch of science in which you will later deal with your everyday professional life. Various methods, strategies and nutritional supplements can help you successfully complete your studies.

Studying successfully - which course is right for you?

First and foremost, it is important that you choose a course of study that you enjoy and that you are genuinely interested in. Because those who learn with joy learn more easily. This can be seen wonderfully in the example of a hobby. In a hobby that you love, you usually learn much faster and easier. The key to success is therefore: fun and interest. Those who are interested in what they are learning learn as if by themselves. In order for the course to be completed successfully, certain structures should be introduced from the start. There are different types of learners and based on the corresponding categorizations, you can identify and apply the right learning method for yourself.

What types of learner are there?

  • The auditory learner type: Auditory means that the best way to learn is through listening. This means that an auditory learner achieves very good learning results when he listens to the subject matter. This can be done via recording and playback, in which you speak the learning material on a tape and then listen to the recording over and over again. This type of learner can also ideally deepen his knowledge by attending lectures, participating in discussions or conversations.
  • The visual learner type: Visual means that you can perfectly learn about visual perception. By seeing diagrams, sketches or creating so-called mind maps and learning cards, it is particularly easy for the visual type to sift through the subject matter for essential information and to learn this information.
  • The toric learner type: Toric means that you can easily grasp even complex learning contexts through active action. A toric learner type can, for example, achieve ideal results in study groups or the popular learning-by-doing and thus be successful in the course of study.

Now you just have to find out for yourself which of the three typical learners you are. Then comes the motivation. This is often the bigger hurdle because there are so many distractions and enticements. It is important that you keep yourself motivated if you want to achieve high quality intellectual performance. Reasons for motivation can be to set a goal or to expect a reward. No matter what motivation you use, it should make sense. Even if it's just a visit to the swimming pool that you treat yourself to as soon as the tasks are done and the information about them has been memorized. Anything that helps to increase the fun of studying is allowed.

The most helpful learning methods for a successful degree

The course is the preparation for the later profession. In this scientific training, the students should be provided with extensive knowledge that they can apply later in everyday professional life. But many students realize right from the start: This will not be child's play, something is really being asked here. If you want to keep up with the performance here, you should acquire a few simple techniques for learning. With these methods it is possible to focus more concentrated on information and to internalize the essential elements of the subject matter. You can also use your long-term memory more effectively with certain strategies.

Apply methods effectively

A stack of books, a desk lamp, lots of paper and the laptop. That's how many study today. But successful university graduates have much deeper secrets than this standard equipment. The learning itself can be significantly intensified if you learn to use certain techniques. For example, learning with all your senses. By addressing and stimulating the sensory channels, a read text and its conveyed information can be absorbed much more actively. People can remember events or information much better if they are associated with emotions. Anyone who creates appropriate channels to take advantage of the learning unit more intensively has the opportunity to study successfully and to cope with the assigned tasks safely. These individual channels can be stimulated by the following points:
Anyone who visualizes the content has the opportunity to link information using these images. This works best when simple images are created to match new information or content.
With signals such as underlining, marking or marginal notes, the eye can immediately absorb important content and effectively read out useful information even when going through the learning material again.
When reading the material, it can be useful to say what you have read out loud. In this way, information can be absorbed even more effectively via one's own hearing.
Sometimes it helps to walk back and forth while repeating the subject matter. The movement stimulates the circulation, which also leads to better blood flow to the brain. This can help promote intellectual performance and thus enable successful studies.
It can also be helpful to divide the learning material into individual blocks. In this way, even complex units of learning material can be recorded more easily and mentally evaluated.

Successfully memorize learning material

Similar contents of a learning material should not be learned one after the other because the supposed connection creates a problem. This problem is called information overlay. In order to avoid this overlapping, alternating content should be learned. This also stimulates different parts of the brain at the same time. Only holistic training enables successful studies.

Successfully master your studies with nutritional supplements

First and foremost, the mind needs solid nourishment. In this diet, if possible, all nutrients should be present in the required concentration. If you cannot or do not want to deal with your own diet, you have the option of high-quality dietary supplements. These can close gaps in the diet and thus ideally supply the brain.