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Since November 1, 2007, the Passport Act has required a personal interview for the issue of a German passport with biometric features. Since then, it has no longer been possible to apply by post.

Only professional consular representations abroad are responsible for issuing passports, i.e. the Washington embassy and the eight consulates general in the USA.

In order to save you the sometimes very long and costly journey to the embassy or to one of the consulates general, individual honorary consuls of the Federal Republic of Germany in the United States of America have been provided with the necessary hardware and software, especially in states without professional consular representation equipped to receive passport applications including biometric data (fingerprints).

In addition to the regular passport fees and reimbursement of expenses for sending the finished passport, the applicant incurs additional fees of 35.00 euros for the identification, 20.00 euros for the authentication of the signature on the passport application and for the possible authentication of up to 10 pages Photocopies an additional fee of 10.00 euros. For the dispatch of your application documents from the honorary consul to the higher-level professional consular representation, additional reimbursement of expenses of up to 19.00 US dollars will be charged. The professional consular representation checks the content of your passport application and processes it further; Inquiries (e.g. about your nationality or your name) will be answered directly from there.

Please note that the fees are charged in euros, but only for the honorary consul with cash in US dollars at the current exchange rate of the diplomatic mission can be paid. Payment by credit card or cash in euros is not possible.

Should a Name declaration required, there is a fee of 25.00 euros for the required signature certification.

You can see from the contact details on this website whether the honorary consul in whose district you live offers this service:

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