Which lightsaber shape does Yoda use

What lightsaber shape did Obi-Wan use against Maul on Tatooine?

He used both. Soresu was certainly his main form, but if the situation required, he would use Ataru for some of his more advanced attacks. Obi-Wan is no stranger to mixing multiple forms in combat, both in terms of practical applications and principles. Since the start of the prequel series, he has used several forms to hone his skills as a duelist.

At the time of RotS, Obi-Wan practiced Forms 1, 3, 4, 5 (Shien) and 6 in combat, with Soresu and Ataru being his main focus in their given order. As a Padawan, he put his form focus on 1 & 4 with some technical additions from Shien. Jinn was the reason Obi-Wan focused on 1 & 4, but unlike Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan wasn't that advanced with Form 4 so he couldn't use it in more advanced ways to make blaster fire with Form 4 how to distract his master. So he added some Form 5 influences to improve his explosion deflection skills. You could tell by the way both blaster bolts had deflected in the opening battle against these droids. Kenobi's distraction skills were sharp and quick, while Jinn's distractions were broad and had more kinetic movements behind him.

We all know that Jinn's death caused Obi-Wan to abandon Ataru as his main form and adopt Soresu. By AotC's time, he'd done soresu pretty well for deflecting explosions, but it wasn't at eye level where he could use it for saber duels against veterans like Dooku. You could tell that Obi-Wan was more interested in using Ataru against Dooku. He was confident with Form 3 against Blaster without asking questions, but he wasn't ready against Saber. Obi-Wan wanted to do a hybrid form of Form 3 & 4 after TPM, but since he hadn't fully mastered either of them, it didn't work at this point. That made him lose to Dooku so quickly. That, and since Dooku was pretty much an expert at destroying Ataru users, the whole thing was just stacked against the poor guy.

He had come to master Soresu to the fullest during the Clone Wars, and even to study Form 6 to improve his general use of power during saber combat and to learn how to double use. The biggest benefit he got from Form 6, however, was that he could hybridize his styles far more effectively than before, as he intended. Form 6 is an all-rounder. This way he can mix styles with ease. Even styles that are completely contrasting can be mixed with ease. For example, Soresu could be combined with Juyo, two styles that are COMPLETELY opposed both in practical application and in principle.

Come on RotS, he had completely mastered Soresu for the fight and as such Dooku couldn't even press him with the saber anymore, so he had to use the Force to get Kenobi from him at all. But the duel with Dooku aside, Kenobi, who is able to use multiple forms, should be a breeze at this point. The only Jedi living in Kenobi's era who is able to use more than 3 different forms on an Expert to complete the level is Yoda. Every other Jedi has mastered 1 form with a complementary form.

In terms of the discussions about the use of Makashi and Djem So, Kenobi has not touched any of these styles in his life. Although he could include Makashi in his repertoire, it wouldn't suit him. First, Obi-Wan placed great emphasis on defense. Although Makashi was Soresu's direct predecessor and shared some important traits such as the economy of movement with him, it did not suit his fighting style. Soresu's blades generate a good amount of kinetic energy through their circular movements, which enables Obi-Wan to use this kinetic energy for powerful counterattacks, whereby Ataru can take full advantage of this built-up energy. Makashi does not generate any kinetic energy at all and although its core principle is shared with Soresu, their approach to this goal is completely different. Their foot techniques are also completely different and, as such, they will seldom interlock in this regard.

Djem So it doesn't go with Obi-Wan at all. First, his body is neither built for it nor compatible. Obi-Wan's not a great man. Compared to most of the characters featured in the series, his size is pretty average. Look at Anakin, he is much taller than his master, he was literally born to practice this form. Not to mention Djem So the wearer must also be physically strong to boot. Kenobi valued styles that allowed him to fight for a long time in all sorts of scenarios. Djem So I would kind of kill this concept. He was able to learn the first from Form 5: Shien as it placed more emphasis on speed and blast deflection and likely helped him master Soresu so quickly after all his years of focusing on Ataru. But then Djem? No, he wouldn't use it.

Just in case people ask Gunna what about Form 7, this is a no-brainer. Form 7 was generally prohibited for public education and only selected individuals were given permission to train and use it. In the case of Vaapad of Windu, Jinn forbade Obi-Wan to learn it because it is even more difficult to learn.


There are many bold statements in this answer. Can you provide evidence to any of them? For example, where do you get information about which forms he used?