What can happen overnight

So you can safely charge your battery overnight

Security Risk or Myth?

Regardless of whether with or without a cable: Many people tend to reload your battery, especially when charging the battery overnightRumors and Myths. Much of them warn of the danger that can arise. Indeed, there are a number of potential risks associated with using a socket, charging station or charging cable and smartphone. Many of them are to be taken seriously, but many are not. In a row are therefore the three largestpotential dangersthat can arise when charging the battery overnight.

Charging the battery overnight - threats to your household?

Can your home be at risk from charging your battery overnight? Usually not. All chargers coming onto the market are subject to onesafety test. Nevertheless, it is advisable not to leave the charging cable permanently connected to the socket. On the one hand, the charger can heat up unintentionally and in the worst case this leads toFire damage. On the other hand, you cause itunnecessary costs. Because where a device is in the socket, electricity continues to flow. If you want to learn more about how to handle your charging cable and the dangers for your household, click here for a detailed article.

Charging the battery overnight - danger to you?

In addition, there may be safety risks to your health if you want to charge your battery overnight. Although still in this contextno long-term studiesexist, many researchers and doctors are already warning of the possible consequences of cell phone radiation. It is recommended in any caseto preventand don't leave your smartphone lying next to you when you want to charge your battery overnight. More about the potential risks of Cell phone radiation and you can read about what you can do about it in the article Charging your mobile phone overnight: From today, no longer on the bedside table.

Charging the battery overnight - threats to your battery?

Contrary to popular fears, you won't damage your battery if you charge it in between. Although themythhas long held that a battery first has to be completely empty before it is supposed to be recharged, this is the casemodern batteriesno longer to. So much for the good news. The bad news is that if you want to charge the battery overnight, you can very well damage your smartphone. To be more precise: Charging the battery overnight will damage the battery life in the long term. Because when your battery is 100% charged, it will start chargingautomatically interrupted. However, if the value falls below 100% again, a new charging cycle starts to charge the battery back to 100%. In the worst case scenario, this means that your battery will be subjected to several charging cycles overnight. This ensures that the batteryworn out fasterand thus loses capacity. The bottom line is that overnight charging damages your battery.

What can you do to save your battery while charging?

A simple but effective way to save your battery life is by using itduring the dayto charge. This allows you to disconnect the power supply after full charging and prevent the risk of several charging cycles occurring, which could damage your battery in the long term. It is also recommended to keep your battery between 30% and 70%. Also, make sure that you don't plug your smartphone into an outlet until your battery has dropped below 30%. Plus, your battery will benefit when you use itdo not fully charge, but only up to 90%. You can also charge your mobile phone at smaller intervals in between. In this way, the battery experiences less wear and tear and therefore lasts longer overall. However, if you want to charge your battery overnight, then at least make sure that your smartphone is switched off. This is because you reduce the risk of several charging cycles occurring overnight.