Is the fight in Vikings realistic

Vikings: What's true?

In Vikings we see legendary Vikings go on exciting adventures. For years fans around the world have been enthusiastic about the saga. But what exactly is it about the story of Ragnar, Lagertha and Co.? What is true and what is pure fiction? We're doing a little reality check on Vikings: Here are the most important facts!

The broadcaster History is generally very close to the prehistoric saga Ragnars saga loðbrókar. The text was written in Iceland in the 13th century and is about the famous Viking king. These days ghosts argue about whether Ragnar Lothbrok really existed, some even believe that Ragnar and Lothbrok were different people, and there is no historical evidence of their existence as far as Lagertha is concerned.

What is certain, however, is that Vikings has changed some time intervals. This includes the distance between the attack on Lindisfarne and Paris. In any case, Ragnar cannot have been involved in either of the raids. The monastery of Lindisfarne was attacked on June 8th, 793. There are also historical reports from the English, albeit with a somewhat distorted view of the visitors. The attack on Paris can be set at 845. The historic Ragnar is said to have died 20 years later. So our Viking would have reached an incredibly old age.

It can hardly be denied that the Northmen in Vikings look extremely cool. Unfortunately, the clothing from the series is rather useless in combat. It is known from museums and drawings that Vikings often wore helmets. Ragnar and his troops do not care about a head covering. Even a bare upper body in combat was a death sentence in real Viking life.

As for the cruelty of the Vikings, Vikings is thoroughly authentic. The characters act like real pagans despite their laws and codes. They seldom have compassion for their slaves or prisoners. There are reports that Ragnar hung 100 prisoners and displayed them in high visibility. However, it has not been proven whether he actually carried out punishments like the blood eagle or attached heads to his ship.

While some things are unclear about Ragnar, the existence of his sons can be proven in many ways. Ivar the Boneless in particular went down in the history books. Together with his brothers, he conquered large parts of England and was feared by his enemies.

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