How can I download videos from Lynda

How to convert offline files downloaded from

As a Premium member, you can download course video files from I downloaded files for the courses I completed. The files are located in the respective folder and have the extension .Lynda. These files are only opened via the Lynda desktop app. I tried opening them with VLC but they don't. Is there any way to convert these files?


Right now the answer is Yes!

There's a fairly new GitHub repository that offers a tool for decrypting such files. The files themselves are AES encrypted (which is decrypted using the Rijndael decryption module) - so it's not surprising that VLC cannot open them ...

These are the options available for the tool:

For example (using a general setting for Windows):

I think the popular media players and converters may not process the particular file with the .Lynda extension. The only method that comes to my mind is to use a video recorder freeware like Camstudio to record the live stream on Lynda and then you can convert the recorded videos.

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