What is the worst bar in Buffalo

Boomerang's Bar & Grill, Buffalo

My husband and I stopped here for dinner after a downtown event at the Key Bank Center on February 3rd, 2017. We have stayed here twice before and the food and service have been good both times. The atmosphere is relaxed and informal and their prices are fair. On arrival there were 4 guests sitting at the bar and the bartender was engaging in talking to them. We waited at the unattended hostess station only for a short time before being greeted and seated. We were the only table in the front dining area and I heard what might be a couple of tables in the back. Our waiter was friendly but not overly memorable, I can't remember her name. She gave us a sheet of night specials with our menus. I immediately saw the 12 oz Black & Blue T-Bone with a choice of soup or salad and the choice of potatoes and knew what I wanted. I ordered my steak MW with french fries and a side of sauce to start with a cup of soup. My husband had ribs with mashed potatoes and gravy to start with a cup of soup. We asked that when she brings our meal to bring you 2 glasses of water. The soup (NE Clam Chowder) was brought out quickly and it was hot and tasty. When the waiter brought our dinner I had a strip steak. The waiter calmly said "We're from t - set up, the cook replaced it with a strip steak". I was shocked. When the kitchen is out it is customary for the server to inform you and give you the patron the opportunity to order something else. I just sat there looking and they saw my displeasure so they said the boss said it was a bigger cut "(as if that should give me comfort and it was 10 oz). I said" It's cut something completely different and something totally Different flavor ". She said" ok so tell me wasn't cooked until it was cooked so I'll offer dessert at no cost. Enjoy ". And went away. Don't ask me to cut my steak and make sure the temperature was as ordered, don't bring my side of sauce for my fries, not extra napkins since my husband ordered delivery ribs, and not back with our waters. The steak that I was no longer sir, we had a bus boy on the street that was clearly trying to get his dinner on the run food and water, and my fries activity week was in the small pool of Sauce on my husband's potatoes. I got at least half of my fries before they just put my sauce back on the kitchen staff, not asking if we enjoyed our meal or if we needed anything before I went back. When I got fries as well Ate less than 1/4 of my steak. We tried waving boy for a to go to the bus-go container but it was the manager that came in. My husband asked about the dessert menu and told me d ass the manager of the server said they would have dessert for free. and he asked me why we were explaining. While he was very kind, he was said that a larger piece of meat was being provided. My husband said "well are you at least doing something about the price?". He apologized and said he would get her right back because he had no idea who promised dessert. He came back and said no problem and listed desserts. I chose 1 and he brought it on a plate. It looked very, very tasty and my husband: "I'm sorry, we actually wanted this to go too". it was promptly packed in a container and all was packed lunch, to go, and our bill left. The price of the steak was unchanged. We were so by trying to see this the um in their way we paid and left. When we got home my son was very happy to see the leftovers and opened the cake and it looked like it was tossed and cramped into the too-small container. On the plus side, my husband said his ribs were delicious! We have stayed here before on much busier nights and had better service and better food. Maybe it was an off night but the way this was done was such a disappointment. I held a second job as a server for over 17 years and I would never dream of just bringing something to a customer since the kitchen we decided that it would be an acceptable substitute and then so Cavalier will find about the hotel! But then I went back to the factories, the kitchen didn't work, their service. They actually tell us to hold on beforehand, we only have to sell something or x amount of this left. More