What is knitting

What is knitting

When knitting, a thread is intertwined into a fabric with two needles. Granted, that's very brief now. But still meets the basic principle. Stitches that are picked up on knitting needles and knitted in right or purl stitches. By combining the two, by adding envelopes or by crossing stitches, a wide variety of patterns are created.

Knitting, from the old handicraft ...

  • traditional cable pattern of aran pullover
  • the fine, perforated ajour patterns
  • the different colored Icelandic sweaters

As different as they look, they also show how different traditional knitting is. It is not clear how long has been knitted. It is certain that knitting started here in Central Europe from around the 13th century.

Henry VII already got knitted silk stockings from northern Italy. Back then, knitting was still part of the craftsmanship and was usually done by men.

... to fashionable knitwear

Today knitting is seen as the domain of women, knitting men are a minority. The tool, the knitting needle, has hardly changed over the centuries, but there are changes. The long knitting needles, which were often difficult to hold during large handicrafts, are often replaced by circular knitting needles. In the meantime, there are special cable needles for cables. For knitting with different colored balls of wool, the trade also offers accessories that the threads cannot get tangled.

For those who want to knit colorful patterns but shy away from knitting with different balls, there is specially dyed wool. A colorful striped sock can be created by simply knitting right stitches.

Knitting is still popular, something that you knit yourself is something personal and unique.

Here on anleitung-handarbeit.de, instructions for knitting have now been added to the instructions for crocheting. It starts with picking up the stitches ...