How do I download music from apps

Download music and videos on iPhone

If you travel frequently or have limited data, you may be looking for a solution to download music and videos on iPhone. So you always have enough entertainment offline. You can download videos to watch on the plane or download your music for your commute. This saves you mobile data because you can download everything on your WLAN at home so that you can play your songs and films afterwards without having to think about your Internet connection.

Our free Documents app will help you. In addition to being a powerful file manager, it also works as a downloader for music and videos on iPhone. The integrated browser makes it possible to save songs, videos, books, documents and almost everything from the Internet.

Download Documents for free if you don't already have it.

Let's see how to use Documents to download music and movies on your iPhone.

Download free music and videos on iPhone:

  1. Download Documents for free and open the app.
  2. Tap the blue compass icon in the lower right to open Documents' built-in browser.
  1. Go to a website that gives you free music or video downloads.
  2. Tap a download link or button.
  3. If necessary: ​​Rename the file and then specify the storage location. By default, Documents saves your files in Downloads-Folder.
  4. The download begins! You can go to the download manager at the bottom of the screen to see all active downloads.

After the song or movie has been saved, you can find it in the DownloadsFolder in Documents. From there you can share the file with other apps and, for example, move a downloaded video to the photo library.

Documents also enables music and video playback. Just tap on a song or movie to play it. The app also allows you to create playlists and use shuffle and play videos with subtitles and change the playback speed.

Now that you know how to download music and videos on iPhone, it is time for your first download. Download Documents for free - we hope you enjoy your favorite songs and movies wherever you are.