Is it rude to oppose clitoral removal?

Inspection visit from the white man

Not that that GREEN would basically be racists - but if they pound a few Muslim pirates down there in Africa, you should see if they are doing everything right. Trust is good, control is better, who better to implement the Leninist principle than the communist top candidate of the Greens, Jürgen Trittin?

After the German frigate "Rheinland Pfalz" arrested a group of Somali cutthroats in a pirate attack and handed them over to the authorities in Kenya after a luxury cruise (PI reported), German Greens make a big splash, always at the side of murderers and rascals from all over the world Worrying about whether Africans will be able to continue to provide the criminals with the comfort they have cherished.

DER SPIEGEL reports:

Shortly after the arrest of the men, the Bundeswehr handed over various pieces of evidence to the Kenyan judiciary, including the analysis of the suspects' phone cards. The Greens criticize the fact that German authorities paid close attention to evidence against the suspects, but little concerned with their fundamental rights. The suspect's lawyer has so far barely had access to his clients. "Germany must regularly ensure that there is a fair process," demanded Volker Beck, the party's parliamentary manager. Jürgen Trittin, the top candidate for the federal election, plans to travel to Kenya at the end of this week and inspect the detention center where the men are sitting.

When Jürgen Trittin, the king of the can deposit, is already traveling around the world like a colonial ruler, how about a detour to Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, China or a Muslim country of your choice to have a look Take picture of prison cells?

(A nose: Erich S.)