What is the worst NFL football team

NFL: Cleveland Browns are the worst team - and they think it's great

The package that was under the tree at the Cleveland Browns Christmas Eve was rather unsightly at first glance. Wrapped in a 3:20 defeat at the Chicago Bears, the Ohio football team got the best gift there is in the NFL: the No. 1 draft pick. After the once again hopeless appearance against the Bears it was clear that Cleveland would be the first of all 32 NFL teams to access the best youth players in the player selection next year.

It is made possible by the New Testament motto, according to which the last will be the first. The most expensive sports league in the world follows the same principle every year when it comes to signing young talents, and because the Browns, with their epic series of defeats (won zero times, lost 15 times), are again at the bottom of the 2017 season access them from the very beginning during the spring draft.

If, on the last day of the regular season, they should also lose the last match against the Pittsburgh Steelers (Sunday 7:00 p.m. / CET), which is very likely, they would not only have won the title of the worst NFL team for the second year in a row (1- 15 in 2016), but also caught up with the Detroit Lions as the most unsuccessful football team in history: Detroit had hit the horror record of 16 lost games in the 2008 season.

"Damn it, I have to"

For Cleveland coach Hue Jackson, however, the prospect is no reason to mop up. On the contrary, he wants to make his announcement come true first and jump into Lake Erie after the end of the season. He had promised that before the season in case his team should do as badly as last season. And they did.