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Facebook ad account blocked? What to do now

Has your Facebook ad account been blocked? This is annoying! In most cases, however, the reasons are obvious. In this article, we will look at typical causes for an account being blocked and show you what exactly to do when it is blocked.

What are the reasons for the advertising account to be blocked?

All ads that appear on Facebook go through a review before they are approved. Because there is a whole list of ad content that violates Facebook's advertising guidelines.

  • Illegal products / services
  • Discriminatory content, call for discrimination based on ethnicity, skin color,
    Nationality, etc.
  • Sale or use of tobacco products
  • Selling or using drugs or prescription drugs
  • Selling or using unsafe food supplements
  • Selling or using weapons, ammunition, explosives
  • Adult products / services (e.g. Viagra). Contraceptives are allowed
    insofar as the age of the target group is set greater than 18
  • Adult content such as too much bare skin, sexually provocative positions
  • Violation of the rights of third parties (copyright, trademark law)
  • Shocking or sensation-seeking content
  • Depictions of violence
  • Asserting personal characteristics regarding race, ethnicity, belief, age, sex.
    Orientation, etc.
  • Fraudulent, false, misleading content (e.g. fraudulent
    Offers / business practices)
  • Exploiting controversial political / social issues for commercial purposes
  • Non-functioning landing pages or landing pages that are prevented from being exited
  • Offer surveillance devices (e.g. spy cameras, cell phone tracking devices)
  • Vulgar expressions, grammatical errors
  • Non-existent functionalities on advertising graphics
  • Before and after photos (e.g. when dieting)
  • Instant loans, deposits, loans, pre-financing for salaries
  • No business models may be advertised, the fast reward with low
    Offers investment (e.g. structured sales opportunities)
  • Auctions with paid bids
  • Highlighting forged documents (e.g. school leaving certificates, passports)
  • Inferior content on landing pages (e.g. unexpected or annoying
  • Spyware, malware, malware, spambots
  • Highlight illegal streaming
  • Obfuscation of the landing page
  • Financial products / services, binary options, ICO, cryptocurrencies, real estate
  • Online dating services
  • Real money gambling (lotteries, online casinos)
  • Applying for subscriptions (services with automatic renewals)
  • Treatment centers for drug / alcohol addiction
  • Query of account numbers, criminal records, financial data, official identification, health data,
    Insurance data, political affiliation, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual
    Orientation, union membership, usernames, passwords
  • Facebook, Instagram reference (e.g. through logo)
  • When advertising alcohol, the age of the target group must be set greater than 18
  • Promotion of real estate or housing services
  • Promotion of job opportunities in a discriminatory manner

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If you still place an ad that violates the guidelines, you run the risk of being blocked by Facebook. A distinction is made here between rejected advertisements and a complete Blocking the advertising account. The following message is often displayed: "Your advertising access is restricted. • You are no longer authorized to use Facebook products to place advertisements. You can no longer advertise, manage advertising elements, or create new advertising or company accounts. More on this".

An advertisement was rejected - what now?

If your ad has been rejected, you can usually edit it again and send it back for review. The verification process does not normally take longer than 24 hours. However, if your ads are blocked too often in a cycle, this can also lead to a complete blocking.

The advertising account was completely blocked - a catastrophe?

If there is a guideline violation and the advertising account has been blocked, there is usually no turning back. If you Advertising account blocked you will be dated Facebook Ads Team informed about this by e-mail (Ad Account Disabled for Policy Violation). Ads can then no longer be displayed in this advertising account.

If you are 100% sure that you haven't broken the guidelines and it was a mistake, you can request a re-verification from Facebook. Simply click on “Request Review” in the email.

It can also happen that the payment debit fails. There are many reasons for this: the monthly credit limit for your credit card is exhausted or the payment details have changed and have not been updated on Facebook. In such cases, the account is temporarily blocked until a valid payment method has been saved and Facebook can successfully collect the outstanding amounts.

Once the advertising account is blocked, no more ads can be placed. Screenshot: Facebook

Also look for a good user experience and positive engagement. Do not make empty promises that you cannot keep and do not redirect users to a landing page that does not seem trustworthy.

Low engagement and a poor relevance score can also lead to your advertising account being blocked. Because Facebook pays more and more attention to the fact that the quality in the network increases and the advertising guidelines are strictly adhered to. Therefore, it does not work well if your ads are reported more than average by users, e.g. B. due to spam, fraud or prohibited content such as weapons or drugs.

Can you place advertisements without your own advertising account or without your own Facebook account?

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