Can I buy Sony PlayStation 4 online?

Sony Playstation 4

The Sony Playstation 4 is the new next-generation game console from Sony. After the great success of the Playstation 3, Sony is trying to set new standards with this model.

The Sony Playstation 4 as a game console and multimedia station

The Sony Playstation 4 is particularly characterized by the large number of different game titles and the associated versatility. This console has many new features that make the gaming experience even more immersive. The new hardware has an even higher performance capability and can therefore easily handle games with high requirements and with an excellent level of detail. This is made clear, among other things, by the fact that the Sony Playstation 4 is ready for use within just 23 seconds. In addition, the controller has been adapted. This now has a touchpad, a light bar and motion sensors. A Playstation Eye camera can also be added to the system. This makes it possible to control games using gesture control and special movements. Appropriate software paves the way for other uses such as Skype.

More functions on the Sony Playstation 4 for everyday life

Sony tries not only to limit the functions of the Sony Playstation 4 to gaming, but also to equip the device for multimedia use. To ensure this, the console has a Blu-ray drive to play high-resolution films. In addition, the Sony Playstation 4 can be connected to the Internet, which makes it possible to surf the Internet and stream films.

What features does the Sony Playstation 4 have?

The latest level of hardware can be found under the case of the Sony Playstation 4. A processor with 8 cores, each working with 2 Ghz, was installed. There is also 8 GB of RAM and a special graphics card based on the AMD Radeon 7880. The integrated hard drive has a capacity of 500 GB and both WiFi and Bluetooth are on board. In addition, the Sony Playstation 4 offers connection options for Gigabit LAN and USB 3.0.