Will the happiness program really work

24-day morehappiness happiness program

The 24-day morehappiness happiness program is mine Mini online course for your personal Lucky-Growth.

Maybe, Do you feel yourself:

    dissatisfied with your current situation
    unhappy with yourself

This course will help you aawareness to create for that Happiness in your life.

I didn't feel well myself for a while. I was dissatisfied and unhappy with myself. I had lost my happiness and my ease. That's exactly why I know how it feels unhappy to be.

I would like to share all my learnings on this topic with you and you Accompany your way back to happiness. This is your chance to take your luck into your own hands. After a short time, your perspective and your awareness of the topic will change be happy.

You can expect in these 24 days 24 short videos (3-8 minutes per video) that deal with a core topic of happiness. Each video contains an inspiration, exercise or question that will bring you closer to your happiness. There is also a digital workbook as a guide and summary.

Learn How To:

    consciously influences your happiness
    bring more ease into your life
    develop positive thoughts
    uses the real power in you
    Connect with yourself
    sustainably change your life for the better

🙌🏻 The content is activated immediately after purchase and you have 6 months access to it.

Use the videos for inspiration and work with your workbook (red guide).

Your daily time expenditure is no more than 15 minutes. In a nutshell, you will learn how to change your life for the better over the long term.

I wish you a valuable and wonderful time in the next 24 days.

Course plan