What's the experience at Cornell

Emily Kearney's German ePortfolio

This semester is my last and that is very sad for me. I have good plans for Cornell but I still want to stay at Cornell for another year. I do not want to leave my joys and I know that I will never again be so many people who are young anywhere. Cornell has a lot of activities that I haven't done. Never saw Cornell Bhangra or sled down Libe Slope. I want to do the Challenge Course and see every acapella group at Cornell. I did not finish "Doing 161 Cornell Chores". The saddest one is leaving my friends. During this semester I made new good friends to learn. I know that if I stayed at Cornell I would make a lot more good friends. I was allowed to get used to Skype because I want to use Skype a lot. Also, there are many classes I want to take. I want to take microeconomics and macroeconomics. There are about a million biology classes I want to take. The first is insect biology and the second is plant biology. If I could give advice to the other young students at Cornell, I would tell the students to study abroad, be the president of a club, play a sport, take a fun course every semester. School is important but the people you learn at Cornell are part of your life all the time.


This entry made me really sad actually. I cant believe that I am leaving and that there are only two more weeks left in the semester. I am still trying to process the fact that I will not be returning to Cornell for another semester after this one. I guess that this is what I have worked so hard for for the past four years but I am still shocked that it came so quickly. However, I have realized that even though I can never actually fully realize how short years are, I am coming to appreciate the small moments more. There are so many things that I thought I would do more of… go to Outdoor Club meetings, go rock climbing, weekly trips to the Farmer's Market, go to that odd film screening and actually have enough time to hear the director speak… all of these things I took for granted at one point in my Cornell career and I realize now that it was just a happy convergence of time and effort that made them a part of my weekly or monthly routine. As I leave Cornell, I know that I will have to work harder to put exciting and fufilling things like these into my life and I am actually excited for the challenge. I think that the hardest part will not be able to cook dinner with my best friends or call one of them up to go hang out that night ... I have never been one for Skype or planning but it seems that I will have to change a bit to accommodate the changes in my life. As this semester of German comes to a close, I am worried that I will lose my German over the summer before I get to Germany. So, if anyone has good book, movie or TV series suggestions, I will gladly take them.