Can I do math on my own?

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That doesn't help: mother does her son's homework. Photo: iStock

I really appreciate it when parents support their offspring in an educational manner, tell them stories from an early age, undertake various activities with them - especially outdoors - and control their screen consumption.

But when my own child becomes a learning project for high school, when parents have to learn with him, then I think that's way too much of a good thing. I get slight stomach cramps when the mother's own professional career has to take a back seat, as recently described in this blog, so that the children's learning can be adequately promoted. Was the father's professional career also up for discussion? We don't know - I hope so!

Two hours of help a day?

Modern schools try to use various methods, which are secured by the latest scientific findings, to instruct their students to learn independently. At the primary level, the “Chur model” has established itself in many schools, and in upper levels there are learning landscapes in which individualized and independent learning is promoted with targeted coaching. This is because it best supports sustainable learning and enables medium to long-term success in school, learning and life.

A case recently happened to me that prevented precisely these efforts. The student - let's call him Daniel - has always worked very diligently in the learning landscape. He always completed his tasks and handed them in on time at the end of the week. Only the success in the learning controls failed to materialize. The inevitable parenting talk brought it to light. In fact, Daniel had done nothing in the learning landscape and only pretended to be working when the teacher checked it. At home he then did everything with his mother, who complained bitterly at the parents' meeting that she had to work with Daniel for up to two hours a day so that he could even solve the tasks.

Do not write yourself off!

Since the conversation, we have been accompanying Daniel intensively and individually at school, showing him learning strategies and now also demanding the tasks at school every day so that we can ensure that they were solved by Daniel himself. Lo and behold, the grades are now suddenly in the green, the increasingly tense situation at home has eased.

Hence my appeal to all parents: Provide a good, calm and reliable learning environment at home. Make plans with the child for study times and ask for them. But let the child learn on their own. And please continue to pursue your own professional career.

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