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How can I resign due to incompetence?

I faced exactly this situation. After stressing it out for a couple of weeks, I finally asked the boss if I could speak to him about the job and explained the problem. To my surprise, the boss was keen not to let me go, and between us he and I managed to restructure what I had to do to alleviate the problem.

So I would recommend speaking to your manager. In my case, the boss was a really nice guy and it was easy to take heart to see him. If your manager isn't a nice guy having the meeting can be intimidating, but the worst thing they can do is fire you and you wanted to leave anyway.

In practice, if there is another option, they will not fire you as the legal ramifications of firing people may well be involved. If they want you to leave, they are more likely to strike a face rescue compromise where you leave willingly and don't look bad on a resume.

When arranging the meeting, do not mention any personal stress that you were experiencing, as your manager will find this easily embarrassing at best. Just put the facts as you see them and explain why you are having the problems. That worked for me.

Steve Jessop

One thing I want to add is that it does is understandable waiting two weeks to identify a problem that you cannot resolve on your own before discussing it with someone else. However, it is much better for everyone if that time is closer to "see you the next morning". . Even in a startup that can't assign two people full-time to a task, there is probably something someone can do to help you solve it. However, if all you know is that there is a problem, it definitely won't solve it.


@JoeStrazzere Firing for cause can still require more legal documentation than someone who voluntarily resigns. Even someone who has been fired for cause can still sue for wrongful termination, etc., but someone who has willingly resigned cannot.

K. Alan Bates

As an interstitial to this conversation, I may add that the word "incompetent" should never be used to describe yourself in a work environment. The company can likely fire you for an important reason (you are incompetent) and use your own words against you to reduce the need for thorough documentation.