Are PCs a symbol of renegades?

Unlock Dark Zone and go rogue

In this guide we explain how you can unlock the Dark Zones and become rogue to get more loot, but also experience a more dangerous game.

Save humanity or not, in the end you only want one thing in The Division 2: valuable loot. While you can only get good loot with the usual missions if you are lucky, you will become one in the infamous Dark Zones real gold mine Find.

These are three special areas that the military has left and cordoned off because of the high levels of contamination. However, since they left their weapons behind, the Dark Zones are now an attractive target for looters, both for NPCs and players.

At the pick-up point in the Dark Zone, you can have your loot secured by a helicopter.

This is how you can unlock the Dark Zone

In contrast to the predecessor, the three Dark Zones are not intended for the end game, but can be visited during the main game. The dark zones are, however not accessible from the start. To unlock the first one, you have to do the following:

  • 3 main missions for the theater complex, which can be found in the Downtown and Federal Triangle areas

  • Then you can "Dark Zone" officer Senait Ezera recruiting in the theater. This can be found on the ground floor to the left of the entrance.

  • It is through them that the mission becomes "Enlightenment of the DZ East" unlocked, which you can find in the northeast East Mall area.

  • In this mission you get to know the zone and even get a first piece of loot as a gift.

  • Once you have completed the mission, the next time you visit the zone, you can complete activities and meet other players. Now you can too the southern and western Dark Zone unlock via a reconnaissance mission.

Officer Senait Ezera then moves into the White House and grants you special "Dark Zone" benefits.

What to expect in the Dark Zone

Compared to the main game, the Dark Zone offers a very exciting gaming experience, as you can play both strong opponents as well as valuable prey meet. Then there are the other players who either support you, but can also kill and steal from you, if they decide to break away and thus become enemies.

It remains one constant risk situation, in which you have to weigh up whether you want to stay longer to retrieve more objects or prefer to have your loot picked up so as not to lose everything at once. In the same way, you have to decide whether you want to trust the other players or rather attack everything and everyone.

In the dark zones themselves there are various activities to meet. For example, you can capture landmarks that are ruled by enemies. In return you get some experience points and a lot of credits. It's worth hacking SHD terminals to find hiding places for thieves. In addition, there are always deliveries with valuable items.

We already took on the Dark Zone in The Division 2:

This is how you can become apostate

If you go rogue yourself and want to hunt down other players and their prey, you have several options:

  • hack an SHD terminal
  • cracks a loot box
  • steals loot from a dead player
  • hold down the touch pad on PlayStation 4

If you are apostate, show yourselves Timer (skull symbol) next to your character how long you will keep this status. Further renegade actions will give you more time. Other players will be advised of your betrayal, however. If they kill you within the time, they get a bonus, if they fail, you get this.

The extent of your betrayal will be judged by degrees your bounty will be increased at every further level. If you commit the first offense, you are an apostate; if you kill players, you are declared a condemned apostate. If you have killed a lot of players, the manhunt is proclaimed, which means you can expect a lot of pursuers.

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