Is it worth learning shorthand

Shorthand Lieselotte Otto


Do you want to venture into new horizons?

You will be...

... improve your chances on the job market

... become indispensable for your boss (e.g. when taking minutes)

... have more time and a sense of achievement

After learning this script, you can

... take notes faster, e.g. B. record essentials during phone calls and

... take notes in more detail in minutes.

For many in secretarial and office operations, shorthand writing is a thing of the past. But it survives in areas for which it was not intended. Journalists, authors and students use shorthand to take notes where a dictation machine is either not allowed or is of little use. Even where a computer is annoying or inconvenient or where handwriting has to be done quickly, mastering shorthand is very useful.

For whom learning steno is worthwhile

In short, learning shorthand is worthwhile for anyone who writes a lot by hand and wants to process their notes further. Journalists and students are just a few. Book authors are also part of it, especially those who hardly have time to edit their works eight hours a day.

As a pupil, student or listener of a lecture, one is often faced with the problem of having to write as much as possible in the shortest possible time in order to be able to rework the lecture afterwards. But also your own texts that you write yourself or that are prepared as an expert on pieces of literature or your own notes that serve as a reminder should be recorded in writing and as briefly and concisely as possible. The lecturer seldom repeats what he has just done; copying a text should be possible without having to read it over and over again. One forgets the end of what has just been heard, is content with a few contents reduced to the bare essentials and then looks for help from the neighbor who reacts indignantly or does not come along himself.

You have to take the time to learn shorthand. Always staying on the ball, but it's worth it.

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