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All information is non-binding. Changes and errors excepted. Pictures may differ from the offer. | V 2.1 Attachments 185 Attachments Hydraulic breakers B-SERIES HYDRAULIC HAMMER Series: B models: 15 Operating weight: 85 4,550 kg Machine class: 0.9 70 t Carrier: PC09 PC700 Oil flow: 18 390 l / min Chisel diameter: 40 178 mm Spring-loaded, quiet hammer Die The sprung and damped drive cell reduces the transmission of shock waves to the machine and thus increases driver comfort, lowers the noise level and protects the carrier device. Technology without accumulator The integrated nitrogen storage absorbs the recoil energy and uses it for the next blow. High quality seals prevent frequent refilling. Two moving parts In order to keep operating and maintenance costs as low as possible, these hydraulic breakers consist of up to 30% fewer components than those of competitors. In addition, every single component complies with Komatsu's strict development and quality standards. This means that fewer components have to be replaced, maintenance is easy and reliability is unbeatable. Protection against blank strokes The movement of the piston stops when the pressure on the hammer is too low. This prevents damage to tie rods, retaining pins and tools. High quality tools Original Komatsu hydraulic breakers are much more than just steel tools. The best alloys guarantee maximum wear resistance. The finely tuned heat treatment ensures a flawless and robust product. Due to the careful and precise processing, the piston hits the chisel at the right moment, so that the maximum energy is transferred. Optionally available automatic central lubrication system Ensures continuous lubrication, extends the service life of bushings and tools and thus protects your investment.