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What does “thicc” mean in German? Meaning, translation, definition, meme

"Thicc" is said to curvy women whose curves and curves are attractive and sexy. “Thicc” is a compliment and is mostly said to women with large, attractive bums and wide hips. But “thicc” is also said to women with large breasts.

A “thicce” woman has an hourglass silhouette as a body shape. She has a narrow waist, wide hips, wide ass, and large breasts.

"Thicc" is an adjective that describes the curvy nature of a woman in a positive way. “Thicc” is usually a compliment. “Thicc” is also used on the Internet with humorous intentions.

At the end of the 2010s, “thicc” broke away from the context that it is a compliment for curvy and attractive women. "Thicc" has also become a compliment for men who are strong and muscular, as well as people or animals who are strong.

The opposite of “thicc” is “thin”.

Synonyms for thicc are: Phat, fat, dat ass, bootylicious

What does “Thicc” mean in German? Translation, meaning

“Thicc” is pronounced “thick”. "Thicc" is derived from the English word "thick". “Thicc” has a different meaning than “thick”. While “thick” means “thick” in German, “thicc” has more positive connotations.

Two German words for “thicc” are: “kurvig” and “lush”.

“Thicc” should not be translated as “chubby” or “strong”. "Thicc" is about a woman having nice curves, but not that fat pads are hanging down.

“Thicc” should not be confused with “sick”. Both words sound very similar when pronounced, but have different meanings.

Is “Thicc” meant positively or negatively?

Depending on who and where "thicc" is said, the meaning is different. If a boy tells a girl that she is "thicc", this can be understood positively. If an edited picture with the caption “thicc” is published on the Internet, it is likely to have a humorous or evil character.

Origin of the word: Where does “thicc” come from?

"Thicc" is derived from "thick". "Thick" was a term used in the USA for attractive and curvy black women as early as the 1990s. The "thick" was common among African-Americans. Even back then, “Thick” was a compliment for a well-shaped, round and large butt and for a wide hips.

Through rap, hip-hop and the internet, “thicc” spread to Europe.

From the mid-2010s, “thicc” became more popular. Internet participants began to refer to anything with two rounds that could be reminiscent of a bum as "Thicc". This massive use of "thicc" made it a common compliment without reference to the buttocks or the hips.

"Thicc" has been spreading in Germany since mid-2016 and has been very popular since mid-2017.

Further meaning of Thicc

"Papa Thicc" is a musician. Among other things, he has published the song "Thicc".

“The Thicc Bible of Wienke” is an eBook that is sold through Amazon, among others.

"Kuntree Thicc" is a song by "The Stixxx"

"Thicc" is a song by Kronicle.

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