When should I get a tax attorney?

When can the lawyer write an invoice?

I now want to withdraw my lawyer’s mandate. Unfortunately I had to wait until I found another solution.

But now the question arises whether I gave him a mandate at all. Orally, of course. Discussions followed and he also prepared a draft complaint, which I had to correct several times because a lot was wrong. But what surprised me at the beginning was that I didn't have to sign anything. Neither a power of attorney nor a contract that I hire him. That's probably why he didn't write to the other side, even though I asked him.

Do you still write that your mandate will be withdrawn from him? And what about the costs? I don't want to shy away from anything, he also wrote the draft lawsuit, but nothing else really happened. It's been going on since April and he hasn't done the things I asked him to do without telling me. I didn't find out until later. There wasn't much contact either. Personally 3 calls, on the phone he choked me directly (I only tried 3 times) and did not call back.

That I have to pay something was and is clear to me. I just wonder if the lawyer can set the bill as high as he likes if nothing has been agreed in writing. I want to and will pay, I'm just afraid that because I am withdrawing my mandate, he will want to pack even deeper into my pocket (which is almost empty anyway, which he knew because I told him immediately). The cost of the initial consultation is clear anyway, but what about the rest?