What are some cool vaping tricks

5 Crazy Vape Tricks You Must See

LotsE-cigarettes Vapers are fascinated by vape tricks. You probably know well-known variants such as the Dragon, Tornado, Ghost, or the Jellyfish, and of course the legendary French Inhale - anyone who knows Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa's track of the same name knows what is meant. The internet is full of tutorials that will help you master these crazy vape tricks too. Here we've picked a few of the craziest for you -exceptionally times:do it at home!

# 1: French Inhale - vape like Snoop Dogg

Do you want to try this well-known vape trick? You can best see what this should look likedirectly in the video. In principle, this trick is relatively easy and fairly quick to learn. You breathe out the steam very slowly and then breathe it in again through your nose. It looks like a waterfall - hence the expressionFrench Waterfall.


  1. You simply absorb the steam in your mouth - there doesn't have to be steam in the lungs for a successful French Inhale.
  2. Your mouth is still closed and you put your tongue back against the roof of your mouth - otherwise the steam won't come out of your mouth properly.
  3. Open your mouth again and breathe in through your nose, at the same time slowly pushing your tongue - and with it the steam - forward.
  4. A successful French inhale à la Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa.

If you breathe in faster and stronger through your nose and move your tongue faster, you will also achieve a faster French inhale effect with more steam. I wish you success!

# 2: The Bane

The pictures of this trick speak for themselves - it doesn't get any crazier or cooler. Inspired by the legendary Batman villain, this is how you simulateBanes mask from The Dark Knight Rises.

Manual: First of all, it is important to knowFrench inhaleto have it. Then you should join your upper row of teeth with your lower lip to reach the correct steam streaks. You will find the restin this video clearly explained. Do you dare?

# 3: The Jellyfish

This vape trick really looks great. The vapor form is similar to thatShape of jellyfish and looks so impressive and pretty crazy. You ask yourself: How do you do that? As a first requirement you should at leastsimple rings can do so that the Jellyfish can work. Always keep windows and doors closed for a better effect.

Manual: shows you how best to get the jellyfishthis video in easy steps. Your fellow steamers will be amazed.

3 # The lasso

The lasso is one of themmore sophisticated vape tricks - but looks awesome! This steam feat is best done at the end of a combo of tricks. The idea is to blow a small ring through the middle of a large ring. Its momentum sucks the small ring in, so to speak, and a lasso effect is created.

Manual: Here it isTiming is crucial! The small ring should be created right after the big one. With the help of your hand you can then move it to the center. Sounds easy, but it can be tricky.The video will help you.

4 # underwater vape tricks - it doesn't get any crazier!

You are probably wondering how this vape trick is supposed to work in the first place. Vaping underwater? Sounds incredible, but it can work! Such underwater tricks are definitely one of the craziest vape ideas out there.

Manual: if you want to add a little more excitement to your next diving vacation then see yourself inthis video how crazy vape tricks can also work underwater!