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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

You can return any item that you have purchased in the CECIL online shop within 42 days of receipt by exercising your right of return. The legal details of the right of return can be found in ourTerms and conditions in the section "Right of return". In practical use, we recommend the following:

Please avoid any damage or soiling of the goods when trying them on and only remove labels etc. if you have decided to keep the goods. Otherwise you may be obliged to pay compensation (e.g. costs for cleaning).

If you decide to return, please enclose labels that have already been removed and use the original packaging to protect the goods or pack the goods so well that they cannot be damaged in transit. To make it easier to assign the return of your order, please use the return slip enclosed with the delivery. You only need to tick which article is going back. It would be of great help to us if you also provide the reason for your return - this is how we can learn and improve. In addition to the return slip, there is also a self-adhesive address label with the return address in the delivery. Please also use this label for your return and, if necessary, note the additional information provided by your delivery service for processing the return.

The address for your return is (if you do not use the self-adhesive address label):

CECIL eCommerce Center
c / o Fiege logistics center Bülach
Schuetzenmattstrasse 133
8180 Bülach

Please enclose the return slip or an accompanying letter with your invoice or customer number (when paying in advance, please also include your bank details) so that this return can be properly assigned to you and the purchase price can be reimbursed.

If you make use of your right of return within the 42-day period, you will not incur any return costs. Condition: the purchase price (excluding additional costs) of the returned goods is higher than CHF 80, you have already paid for the goods in full and you are using the enclosed return sticker. You can find everything else in the Conditions.

We do not accept any unauthorized consignments, especially if

  1. the 42-day return period has expired;
  2. the goods were not purchased in our CECIL online shop;
  3. the purchased goods are not included in the return package; or
  4. there is an obvious attempt at fraud.

We will contact you in the event of an unauthorized shipment. As soon as your return reaches the eCommerce Center, it will be checked and a credit will be issued. Depending on the payment option you selected when purchasing, the amount will be credited to your credit card or PayPal account. In the case of advance payment, we will transfer to the bank account indicated on the return slip or on your accompanying letter.
As a rule, the purchase price will be refunded to you within one week of receipt of the return.