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3 heartbreaking romance anime tips on Netflix

With the warm temperatures, the first feelings of spring are also creeping in - we have picked out three sugar-sweet romance tips for you that you can enjoy on Netflix!

The international streaming provider Netflix not only offers a huge selection of live action productions, but has also been over the last few years Anime segment expanded enormously. Although the titles from the action genre clearly predominate in the Netflix portfolio, there is also one or the other romance pearl hidden between Naruto, Bleach and the like.

We picked three anime for you today, the romance fans with Netflix access definitely not to be missed should! To get it, there are three price models:

  • 7,99€ for a basic subscription (SD quality and stream on one device at the same time.)
  • 11,99€ for a standard subscription (full HD quality and stream on two devices at the same time.)
  • 15,99€ for a premium subscription (4k quality and stream on four devices at the same time.)

Once you've got hold of the subscription and firmly put on the safety bar, you can Roller coaster ride of great emotions start!

Your Name - yesterday, today and forever

That's what Your Name is about

17-year-old Mitsuha is very tired of life in the middle of her rural small town! After all, between boring forests and rivers there are hardly any opportunities for a young girl to develop, and so she (literally) dreams of a handsome boy in Tokyo to be!

But true to the motto »Be careful what you want«, she soon realizes that her dreams are more real than she thought - because when the veil of night falls over the mountains, Mitsuha exchanges the body with the Tokyo teenage boy Taki and lives his life in the middle of the urban jungle of the megacity, while the latter drags himself as Mitsuha through the gravel roads of the Hida province.

By means of diary entries they communicate with their ego hundreds of kilometers away and through their body swap get to know each other better than they would like. But what is the reason for the mysterious occurrences and what connects the two perhaps more than that purple ribbon of doom?

That's what makes the anime special

Hardly any anime fan has passed Your Name in the last two years - the refreshingly youthful romance dramaWith his gigantic success, even knocked Spirited Away from the throne of the most successful Japanese cinema film and let director Makoto Shinkai finally rise into the filmmaker's hall of fame after successes such as 5 Centimeters per Second or Children Who Chase Lost Voices.

And in fact, Your Name offers, in addition to extremely human and likeable characters, a somewhat different love story peppered with loving details, thanks to the melodic soundtrack of the RADWIMPS and the masterful visual power from Shinkai's parent studio CoMix Wave Films conjures up one of the best anime films of all time, which shows in all its splendor that the medium of anime is still in itself.

The Garden of Words

That's what The Garden of Words is all about

The 15-year-old high school student Takao dreams of one Career as a shoemaker. As soon as the Japanese rainy season has come, he feels inspired by the pattering water and instead of going to school he prefers to go to a park where he can design his own kicks in peace.

But one day he finds another person at his regular place in the middle of the rainy green - the 27-year-old Yukari is the first person who does not smile at his dream, but instead follows Takao's words about his passion carefully. After they run into each other several times in the park, one forms close relationship between the two lonely souls and culminates in a deep understanding for one another.

But as the rainy season slowly draws to a close, their relationship with one another increases a tough test posed …

That's what makes the anime special

In addition to Your Name, Netflix offers another masterpiece from Makoto Shinkai's career, The Garden of Words in the shadow of his successful little brother must hide.

In 45 minutes the anime tells an unusual but no less soulful story about trust, emotional support and interpersonal relationships with the probably the most elaborate drawings and animations that can be found in the world of Japanese animation.

The subject of rain in particular is not only elementary for the story, but has also been given extensive and high-quality consideration in the imagery, so that The Garden of Words may not be the most accessible romance anime due to its topic, but definitely an interesting work of art is.

Hi Score Girl

That's what Hi Score Girl is all about

Hi Score Girl takes you back to 1991, when the arcade hype in Japan peaked. The sixth grader Haruko does not necessarily attract attention because of his sociable charisma, but turns into one in front of the buttons and joysticks of his favorite arcade true god of games.

At least until Akira, the gamer, seriously scratches his image as a perfect gamer with her above-average gaming skills and him shows his inferiority thirty times in a row in Street Fighter II. But not only does the pretty and wealthy girl throw Haruko out of all the top lists, she also hangs him persistently on the control pad in the arcade.

So a rather unusual relationship develops between the two locked gamersthat have more in common than it initially appears ...

That's what makes the anime special

With Hi Score Girl, Netflix not only presents the wet dream of all retro gamers, but also captures an innocent romance that knows how to capture the feeling of first love almost perfectly on the screen. Whether the Studio J.C. Staff (Food Wars !, One-Punch Man 2) with the unusual CGI look the series has taken the right path, everyone has to decide for themselves.

What is certain, however, is that the numerous collaborations with game publishers and the attention to detail when it comes to the presentation of retro games is a nice cherry on the cake light hearted romance which is not quite as emotional as the other two titles, but can score with a lot of funny moments.

Now it's your turn!

Do you have any other Netflix tips for romance fans? What is your favorite anime on the platform in general?

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