Why does my teacher hate me

My teacher hates me deeply! What should I do?

My art teacher (H) hates me. -.- I have the teacher for the 2nd year now, everything was ok at the beginning. But when the 2nd year started, I felt that H doesn't like me ._. There was never an incident or anything else, but z. B. If a boy (J) from the class yells around like a disabled person, H comes and gives me detention, or pokes at me. Even if my girlfriend (K) says that it wasn't me at all, then H doesn't believe her. It's always like that. But what is even worse when J or his friend (P) say I did something, he believes them both. Last week: There was a glove on the floor, P picked up the glove and said to the teacher that I had thrown the glove at him. The problem is, I'm sitting 1 row behind P & J. Or when we draw something, he comes to me and criticizes everything, although I can draw very well (my friends and previous art teacher can prove it). The good thing is, I still get a 1. My girlfriend K & I had a certificate I already plan to go to the director, but there is no point doing that twice because we have already been to the director and my art teacher ignored me for a while. I've already talked to my mother about it, but she says I'm just exaggerating. And slowly it sucks that I always get in trouble even though I haven't done anything ..

What should I do now? : ((