Does SSC CGL stay the same in 2019

Mark G.'s Top 5 Must-See Movies
1When Hitler stole the pink rabbit
2Star Wars IX
3A Rainy Day in New York
4The Farewell
5Spy undercover
Mark G.'s top 5
15,5Star Wars IX
41,0Spy undercover
50,8When Hitler stole the pink rabbit
5th December 2019  
Ordinary Time (SPW) 4.12.
Anything but ordinary (PRK / SC)
The glittering shrimp (SG)
Mucize 2 Ask (KS)
Nome di donna (ARS)
The Innocent (FKT)
The Two Popes (NFX / FW)
Blackout (KS) 8.12.
Humanity - who we are for each other 3.12.
Beauty & transience
Mary Christmas - The Show with Georg Preu├če 6.12. The second weekend in a row, on which no new start is likely to exceed the 500T visitor mark.December 12, 2019  
All I Never wanted (CGL)
Alva (SPW)
Aman Reis Duymasin (AFM)
The Kindness of Strangers - Little Miracles Among Strangers (ALM / FAG)
Supervized - heroes remain heroes (KS)
The Guard (LD / 24B)
Wild Rose (E1 / PAR)
Character One: Susan
Madame Started two years ago Jumanji a week after Starwars, celebrating this year The next level a week before Starwars Premiere - but the result should be the same: 2.0 million Visitors - maybe even more ...19th December 2019  
Lonely togetherness (SC)
The Farewell (DCM)
Holy Spirit (FP)
The Peanut Butter Falcon (TOB)
Suursuz Ask (CDX)
Cunningham - dance is art The closing films of the first two trilogies had very similar attendance figures as the middle parts, what for Star Wars - The Rise of Skywalker would mean 5.9 million visitors again. But this time I am a little more skeptical:5.5 million Visitor.December 26, 2019  
Jeannette - The Childhood of Joan of Arc (GRD) 25.12.
Latte hedgehog and the magic water stone (KOC / SC) 25.12.
7500 (UNI / 24B)
Bunuel in the Labyrinth of the Turtles (ARS)
Fixies vs. Krabots (KS)
The secret novel of Monsieur Pick (NV)
Jam (REM)
The Longing of the Sisters (PIF)
Small planets Just a year after their blockbuster The boy needs some fresh air Caroline Link's remake is coming on the same start date When Hitler stole the pink rabbit. Of course I would love to do more than 800T See visitors.

Wildcard of the month is certainly the film adaptation of Cats. In fact, all possible box office results are possible here, so I'll start with somewhere in the middle: 1.5 million Visitor.

With the purchase of 20th Century Fox, the Disney Company also acquired the animation company Blue Sky and no film from the studio has yet the 1 million Missing visitor mark. With the Christmas holidays behind me, of course I hope that this series will come with Spies Undercover - A wild transformation persists ...