Why is my printer paused?

Printer paused: Here's how to make it operational again


If the printer is stopped, no more print jobs will be carried out. The fact that the printer suddenly finds itself in this status can be due to a hardware problem as well as to the software.

If your printer shows a "paused" status, there may be a number of problems that you can fix quickly and easily. A paper jam or an empty cartridge could alone cause the status on some printer models. Even if the printer goes to sleep, the status “paused” could be displayed on your PC.
An outdated driver can also prevent the printer from printing. You can always find the latest drivers for your device on the official website of the manufacturer of your printer.

Restore the paused printer using Windows

In many cases, you can simply remove the printer from “paused” status in Windows yourself.
  1. Open the Control Panel. With Windows 10 you open this by entering “Control Panel” in the Windows search and clicking on the corresponding entry. In previous versions of Windows 10, click on the icon and select the Control Panel.
  2. Then open “Devices and Printers”.
  3. Right-click your printer among the devices displayed. There should be a check mark next to “Paused”. By clicking on it, you cancel the status.
If this doesn't help either, try shutting down your printer and disconnecting it from the power supply for a few seconds.

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