Why is honey good for your voice

Home remedies for hoarseness

What to do about hoarseness

Probably everyone knows that: Come first sniff and Sore throat, then hoarseness. Sometimes it croaks and squeaks voice but also without a cold and then even is completely gone. Now only one thing helps: take it easy. Speak as little as possible - not even whisper. Before we continue with our tips, one more thing Note: After one up to two weeks should the Hoarseness completely gone be. Does it last longer or do you have strong pain at the same time, a is recommended Doctor visit.

The first countermeasures

Humid air contributes hoarseness particularly beneficial. So if you have one humidifier then turn it on now. But there is also an easier way: Alternatively, you can also use yours fresh washed laundry exceptionally in the Dry the apartmentto humidify the air so a little. And that now is not smoked - also no passive smoking! - should go without saying.

If you want to do yourself something good beyond that, you should now drink a lot. Especially warm tea - for example ginger, chamomile, thyme, peppermint or sage. Of course there is too loads of home remediesthat against the hoarseness help. However, the insider tips work differently for everyone. So try out which home remedy works best for you. We have put together the most effective ones for you: