Would you change the airplane seats for money

AUA sells 4,200 discarded aircraft seats

Austrian Airlines are equipping their fleet with new seats, the old ones are also being sold privately. A row of three is available from 120 euros.

If you want to equip your apartment with a special seat and prefer the color green, you should contact Austrian Airlines (AUA). The airline is currently expanding the armchairs from 32 aircraft in order to replace them with lighter, slimmer seats. The 4,200 discarded chairs are being sold to private individuals and other airlines.

A row of three - the smallest size - is available from 120 euros, an AUA spokesman confirmed on Tuesday.

The green-covered seats from Airbus 320 and Boing 737 aircraft are in great demand. "That is obviously very well received," said the airline's spokesman. The rush is very large, so interested parties should contact the AUA by email with their purchase wishes. The correct address for this is "[email protected]". The eight-year-old seats would be gradually expanded until the summer and demand would be reduced bit by bit.

You need a bit of luck to get hold of an AUA armchair: around 85 percent of the seats have already been sold to other airlines, where they are upholstered in the respective company colors and installed in aircraft. "It is important for us that we recycle the seats," said the AUA spokesman. Discarded crockery, cutlery, blankets and food carts are also continuously sold via the e-mail address. The latter are suitable, for example, as rolling tool boxes.

The new seats for the 32 AUA machines with breathable leather seats in gray and red not only offer a new design, but also a more efficient use of space. Since the rows of chairs are narrower, there is up to ten centimeters more legroom despite an additional row of seats. The chairs also make the entire interior fittings around 14 tonnes lighter, which reduces kerosene consumption. The renovation should be completed by September.