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Frequently asked questions

What technical requirements do I need to install the Office suite?
The prerequisite for the successful installation of the Office 365 software is at least Windows 8.1, macOS 10.12, iOS 11, Android 6.0, Windows Phone 10 or a later version of the operating system. Office 365 cannot be installed at the same time as other versions of Microsoft Office. Your device must be connected to the Internet at least once a month so that an automatic check can be carried out to determine whether your Microsoft Azure ID is still linked to a valid license. If your device has no internet access for a long time, the usable functions of the software will be limited until the next confirmation of the license.

Which data is passed on to whom when registering with Microsoft Azure?
When you log in to Microsoft Azure, your first and last name, your WWU ID and the information that you are a student / employee of the University of Münster will be transmitted to Microsoft. If you also use other licenses via Azure, e.g. Adobe CC (for a fee, only for employees), this data will also be transmitted to Adobe.

How safe is my data and where is it?
Your data will not be stored on servers of the WWU Münster, but exclusively at Microsoft. You can find more information on data security at Microsoft at

What happens to my data if I log out of Microsoft Azure or my WWU ID expires?
If your WWU ID expires (e.g. because you have de-registered or your employment contract ends) or you actively log out of Microsoft Azure, your free Office license will also expire. Your Microsoft user data (Microsoft Azure ID, name, status) will be stored by us and Microsoft for another year. Only after this period has expired will all data be completely and irrevocably deleted. You can also remove your data yourself before the deadline in the IT portal under "Licenses (software etc.)" and there under "Delete Microsoft Azure data".

What can I use the Microsoft Azure email address for?
The Microsoft Azure e-mail address corresponds to the Microsoft Azure ID, which is only used to authenticate your Office 365 account.

What do I do if I forget my Microsoft Azure ID or password?
You can see your Microsoft Azure ID in the IT portal under the menu item "Licenses (software etc.)". You can also set a new Microsoft Azure password there.

Can I link another Microsoft account to the university's free Microsoft account?
Unfortunately, it is not possible to link the Microsoft account that you have activated via the University of Münster to another Microsoft account. However, you can save the data generated with Office 365 in the cloud storage of another account.

Who can I contact if I have any questions or problems?
If you have any technical or content-related questions about the programs included in Office 365, please contact Microsoft Office Support directly.