How fulfilling is your everyday life

This is how you take your holiday feeling with you into everyday life.


Do you still enjoy it?
Or is it over again?

Do you have any idea what it's about? Exactly! It's about yours vacation, yours recreation, your Relax, your Come down. Perhaps you are still on vacation or, like so many of my friends and customers, are already back from the decelerated time. I suppose you enjoyed the days even though they went by way too fast, right? We look forward to this break all year long and we can't even see that it will be over soon.


Where has the good energy gone?

"I want this fulfilling feeling to last for a long time!"

Many of my customers or friends feel like this or something like that when they return home. But no, everyday life has us mercilessly under control. You have just let the sun shine on your stomach, went on a hiking tour, ate freshly grilled fish at the harbor, and let your mind wander. Hardly back in your own four walls, everything seems to have evaporated again. We are facing a great mountain of challenges as to what needs to be done now.

Private It means clearing the ship, unpacking suitcases, processing mountains of laundry, preparing for school with the children, working through the mail, getting the garden in good shape and much more.

In business you are sometimes even more challenged. You have to get an overview quickly: What has happened in my absence? How far is the status of an ongoing project? How is the team doing? How much mail and documents are piling up at your desk? The next appointments have to be prepared. And then there are the numerous e-mails that need to be handled and processed!


Use the power of questions

But how do we do it now, this one wonderful state of holiday feeling to be preserved for a long time and to be skilfully integrated into everyday life? Is the? And if so, what is the best way to proceed? Today I will tell you my approach, how I integrate my holiday feeling into everyday life again and again. Believe me, a few years ago I felt the same way as many others. Until I started to find out what exactly it is that makes the holiday so special and how can we bring this wonderful feeling back over and over again. So that you get a feel for what made your vacation so special,

  • you'd best take a little time,
  • grab one block or yours journal,
  • throw one look back and
  • dive into yours again vacation a.

And what helps best in order to in connection with your feelings get? Exactly, we face it inspiring questions! By asking questions you activate your memories and different emotions come to light.


1 | What did you enjoy most on vacation?

For me it's always sleeping in. And right then, when I could sleep in, I even like to get up early. The interplay of the weather - from sun to clouds and rain, the wonderful landscape that I see for the first time, time to read, no laptop, let myself drift without a plan and appointments, discovering new places, sights and the anticipation of where will be are we going to eat today?


2 | What feelings did you feel on vacation?

On our last vacation, I felt a multitude of deep emotions. I felt absolutely free like a bird. No pressure, pure relaxation, a thirst for adventure, courage, lightness. Everything is allowed to be, to be able to do what I feel like doing. I want to hug the world, I am overwhelmed by the beauty of the landscape. Thankful that we live in such a safe country, full of prosperity and abundance.


3 | Which situations put you in a joyful mood?

When we're on the move and drifting in the new city without a map. We then discover the most beautiful bars and the most impressive places and buildings by ourselves, because we let ourselves drift and are curious to see what comes up around which corner. I think the surprise is all the greater when you intuitively explore the area and try out what you feel like doing.


4 | Where exactly did you feel most connected to yourself?

Whenever I am out and about in a new city or country, I am completely with myself. Because everything is new and strange and I want to explore the area. I am curious, inquisitive and want to learn as much as possible. My discovery gene is used and I literally soak up all the impressions.


5 | Who did you have the most beautiful experiences with?

We spent our last vacation with friends. Normally, my husband and I prefer to go on vacation alone, but this long weekend with our friends was wonderful. We got to know our friend's family, explored her place of birth, visited many sights and had enough time to chat and relax. It was so nice because our friends are so uncomplicated and everything is so easy with them.


Research your personal vacation moments

Take the questions from earlier as inspiration or find your own questions. Now answer the questions and write down all your thoughts and memories in as much detail as possible. Everything that comes up, that makes you shine and puts a smile on your face. With the help of these notes, you can now find out which of them can be easily integrated into everyday life? It doesn't always have to be the big things. The small moments are much more effective, but they have a big impact! Create your personal, fulfilling vacation moments listthat accompanies you all year round.

How about…

  • an excursion to a sight near you,
  • a coffee chat with your best friend at a new restaurant,
  • a walk alone through the forest,
  • a new book on the deck chair in the garden when everyone else is out,
  • a painting course that you've wanted to do for so long,
  • a city morning in your own city, as if you were a tourist here,
  • a daily morning or evening riot,


And now it is your turn

Always take your time in everyday life
for your personal Vacation Moments!

You can do these mind journeys all year round when you have the feeling that you are in the hamster wheel and your batteries are empty. Because I am convinced that we will be able to conjure up “moments of vacation” in everyday life. Just start and try!

Angelica *