Business loans for women

The eternal question: Who gives loans for female founders and self-employed women

If you want to realize your own great business idea or the long-standing dream of your own company, you will soon be faced with the question: How do you manage the financing? There are several options, but special loans and credits for business start-ups are the best option in most cases.

The numbers speak for the female faction among the founders: They found more successfully, break off their projects less often and thus pay back their loans and subsidies more reliably. But not all female founders find financing easy. Above all, the question arises: Which loans are actually suitable for starting a business?

Which loan would you like to start a business?

Financing is often the biggest problem for many young women entrepreneurs. It is one of the most important points when starting a business. Loans are particularly suitable here, but other financing models are also available. However, anyone who decides on a loan must also ask themselves which models are actually suitable for their own business concept. A first step in answering this question is to determine the required loan amount.

Online banks and government funding for start-up loans below € 25,000

Not every business idea requires enormous funding. Often, even relatively small sums are enough to give the founder a helping hand. Online lenders and state development banks are ideal contacts for this. While the application for the latter is quite time-consuming and the interest rates are high, lenders on the Internet are particularly recommended because of their large selection. Here, however, many providers exclude the self-employed from the outset, as they focus on private consumers. Therefore, the loan from a house bank is not only an option for young entrepreneurs with higher loan amounts.

The loan from the house bank

If you need a loan of more than € 25,000 to start your own business or cannot find a suitable online provider, you should look around for a classic loan from a bank. Your own house bank is always the right contact. But it is also worthwhile to find out about special loans for self-employed and freelancers at other banks. For example, the EthikBank offers loans aimed at companies and self-employed medium-sized companies who also attach great importance to the fair use of their money. With such offers, the chances for female founders are usually very good - provided that the start-up concept is convincing.

State funding for women entrepreneurs

In addition to online loans and traditional bank loans, there is also the option of receiving government funding from KfW. The credit institution grants low-interest loans to help young female founders. However, these do not have to be requested from the institute, but from a bank. In this case, it is primarily the bank interview that decides whether the funding is granted. Careful preparation for this is therefore essential in order to convince you of your own business concept. Those who receive a KfW loan can enjoy the following advantages:

  • favorable interest rates for long terms
  • flexible combinations with other funding
  • Fixed interest rates for defined periods
  • known contact person at your own bank

KfW also attaches great importance to supporting women founders, which makes the provider perfect for women entrepreneurs.