Can wear warm skin tones cool lipstick

The great lipstick guide: these colors suit your skin type

Before you start: this is how you find your skin tone

But first things first: How do you actually find out your skin tone? Whether you have light, medium brown or dark skin may still be relatively easy. But what about your skin undertone? Because you've probably already noticed that powder, cream make-up or foundations always have more reddish and yellowish products. This is due to the skin undertone, which can be either cool or warm. Statistics show that four out of five women have cool skin types. But you shouldn't rely on that and find out for yourself what type you are.

To do this, look at your veins on the inside of your wrist in daylight. If they shimmer blue, you're a cold guy. If they shimmer greenish, you're a warm guy. Can't you see it clearly? Then there is the trick with the jewelry. If silver jewelry suits you better because it makes your bare skin look fresher, you are a cold guy. With gold jewelry, it's just the opposite.

Basically, cold skin types look better with cool, bluish lipstick colors (e.g. strong dark red, violet), while warm types need warmer, yellowish nuances (orange tones such as salmon or apricot).