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Crypto news: Bitcoin fraud increases in Canada, Facebook manager Marcus supports Coinbase, Indiegogo will list ICOs in the future

Canada: Bitcoin frauds on the rise

Criminals earned around $ 1.7 million in cryptocurrency fraud in Canada in 2017. The sharp rise in the price of Bitcoin has increasingly led fraudsters in this direction. According to the authorities, an increase in fraud cases is to be expected in the future. CBCNews reports that fraudsters did half as much damage in 2016. In 2015, the damage was $ 285,000.

A few days ago a case caught the Canadian media in which a woman received a call from her husband's cell phone. A fraudster posed as a police officer on the phone and asked for bail to release the allegedly arrested husband. The woman then paid $ 5,000 in Bitcoin.

Crowdfunding platform Indiegogo lists ICO

The crowdfunding platform Indiegogo announced yesterday that ICOs will be listed on the website in the future. Investors interested in the new type of corporate finance can register on First Democravy VC and then invest on Indiegogo. Democrazy VC grew out of a partnership with MicroVentures. According to a report, it raised around $ 7.5 million last year. The first ICO on First Democracy is set to fund plans for the first fan-driven Football League.

David Marcus supports Coinbase

The most famous US swap exchange Coinbase is getting a prominent addition. Senior Facebook manager David Marcus will work for the company going forward. The stock exchange has come under repeated criticism in the past few weeks. With the increase in inquiries, the reliability of the exchange decreased. Time and again, transactions were sent late. After the opening of futures trading, Coinbase was not available for a few hours.

Marcus stated in a blog post that he has been dealing with cryptocurrencies since 2012 and that what particularly appeals to him about the new task is that “financial services and this new type of asset class democratize a market that was previously only accessible to privileged layers”. In addition to his work at Facebook, Marcus was also active on the management floor of PayPal.