What was the best song of the decade

What's the best song of the 2010s?

It is difficult to sum up ten years of music history. The 2010s was a decade that was revolutionized by streaming services. Electronic pop, R 'n' B and rap were seemingly to be found in every song. But which song was so outstanding that it can be picked out as the defining spearhead of an entire decade?

One of the most influential musical works in pop history was published in 2010 by the Swedish artist Robyn. "Dancing on My Own", like many of their works, is a synth-pop anthem with a crushing sadness at its core. As the music magazine "NME" wrote, Robyn reminds us of how broken we can all be and that that's okay. According to "Pitchfork", "Dancing on My Own" combines the "euphoric pain of classical house and disco music" with vulnerability and is still a role model for artists from Lorde to St. Vincent to Taylor Swift.

Sadness as the theme of the decade?

"Dancing on My Own" lands in the prestigious magazine at number three of the best songs of the decade. It was only left behind by Grimes' "Oblivion" and "Alright" by Kendrick Lamar. In contrast, the music magazine "Q" voted Lana Del Rey's "Video Games" as the best song of the last ten years. The theme of pain and sadness also continues in this election.

How you can dance against it, for example, Sia showed in the now iconic song and video for "Chandelier". Beyoncé's dance "Lemonade" is musically a harmonious mix of various genres, while in German-speaking countries one song overshadows everything else - "Breathless Through the Night" by Helene Fischer.

What is your favorite song of the last ten years?

Which song do you keep listening to up and down, and which song can you no longer hear at all? Was the decade a good decade in music? (rec, November 5, 2019)