How did Ireland get out of poverty

Anecdotally evident

Hm. Unfortunately this is the first episode where the weaknesses of the concept are very obvious. In between I was slightly annoyed because I was always trying to abstract my own perceptions somehow and to substantiate them with some facts, which then didn't really work. I also had the feeling that you noticed that yourself, e.g. B. where Kadda admits that he had no idea of ​​other saints' stories, but still wanted to emphasize the peculiarity of the story of Saint Patrick. That doesn't work then.

Something similar with music culture: it just doesn't work if you compare Irish folk culture with German classical music. I would guarantee that if you take a look around Germany a bit outside of your own world, you will come across exactly such folk music traditions, just not in our modern and urban environment. What is (possibly) true is that folk music in Ireland is practiced across social classes. It may also be closer to us than German folk music, but that doesn't mean that there aren't very, very many people in Germany who are still anchored in German folk music.

Unfortunately, that runs through the entire program. Beyond very specific information and stories, there was a lot of (gut) feeling involved. In principle, that's not a bad thing, you can also say: “I think Ireland is great, this is my favorite country, I would like to live there.” But then you don't necessarily need a supposedly objective argument for everything.

Much that has been portrayed as a peculiarity of Ireland (open, warm nature of the people, sights in nature free of charge, etc.) I have already seen in other countries. In my opinion, meeting people in particular has a lot to do with how you meet people yourself. One can assume that, especially on vacation in a foreign country, one is more open and accessible than one might be in everyday life and that it simply comes back.

With that I don't want to neglect either the joy of Ireland or the episode itself, I just had to shake my head in too many places while listening to it, which I find particularly a shame, especially when I notice that the topic is so close to your heart.