Is it legal to steal fruit stickers

The myth of mouth robbery: fruit theft is theft

The situation may be different in public green spaces or in parks. Whether apples, nuts or other fruits: what grows here, consumers are usually allowed to take with them, but only in small quantities and for personal use. If you want to be on the safe side, you can inquire at the responsible green areas office or at the municipality. Wild fruits such as berries, but also mushrooms and herbs may be picked for personal use - provided they can be found in public places and access to the area is permitted.

More tips from the R + V information center

  • The owner there is allowed to collect windfalls that have fallen from the tree onto another property.
  • However, if the fruit is still hanging on branches that only extend beyond the property line onto your property, the fruit belongs to the neighbor on whose bottom the tree is standing.
  • If a fruit tree or berry bush is on a property line, the fruits belong equally to the neighboring neighbors.
  • There are various pages on the Internet that provide information on the areas in Germany where fruit trees and bushes can be found that are common property or are made available for harvest by the owners.