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Fat burner

Optimal fat burning is important for diet success. Fat burners can help you improve your fat metabolism. They support the natural metabolic processes in the breakdown of fat deposits. You can choose between different active ingredients that complement your diet plan individually and help you lose weight.

In this guide you will find information on the following topics:

  1. What are fat burners?
  2. Are Fat Burners For Weight Loss Right For Me?
  3. Mode of action and active ingredients in fat burners
  4. Benefits of Fat Burners
  5. Disadvantages of fat burners
  6. Use of fat burners
  7. Fat Burner Side Effects
  8. This is how fat burners can support your successful diet
  9. Natural fat burning tips

What are fat burners?

Fat Burner, in English fat burners, are naturally occurring or synthetically produced active ingredients that are supposed to facilitate weight loss by increasing the breakdown of body fat.

Active ingredients that are among the fat burners

There are fat burners that intervene directly in the fat metabolism and active ingredients that stimulate the entire metabolism and thus promote fat loss. Fat burners belong to different groups of active ingredients. For example, hormones, vitamins, minerals or protein-splitting enzymes are used. Many preparations are combined preparations which, in addition to substances to improve metabolism, also contain fat binders, fiber and supplementary vitamins and minerals.

Are Fat Burners For Weight Loss Right For Me?

When using fat burners, you should always take into account that both the individual active ingredients and the active ingredient combinations can have very different effects. Therefore, it makes sense to carefully examine its composition and mode of action before choosing a preparation. Choose a product that goes well with your diet plan and overall diet. Approved drugs and over-the-counter dietary supplements are safe for healthy people.

In these cases, you should clarify its use with a doctor

  • If you are undergoing medical treatment, ask your doctor whether there may be any interactions between your medication and any of the ingredients.
  • Fat burners are not intended for the treatment of overweight children and adolescents. In such cases, a change in diet should take place after consulting a doctor or nutritionist.
  • Excessive overweight and obesity can have very different causes that cannot be treated by taking fat burners. A medical diagnosis and a comprehensive therapy concept are necessary here.

Mode of action and active ingredients in fat burners

Fat burners can be natural or synthetically produced. Natural fat burners include the substances that the body uses itself to break down fat, as well as herbal ingredients. For the Fat Burner preparations, either the processed plants are used - for example green tea or mate - or the isolated active ingredients.

Minerals, vitamins and L-carnitine for optimal care

Minerals such as magnesium and zinc and vitamins should ensure an optimal supply for all processes that are responsible for the breakdown of fat in the body. They are especially useful when the fat metabolism is impaired by a deficiency. L-carnitine plays a key role in the energy metabolism and improves the turnover of fatty acids.

Herbal ingredients for a better metabolism: enzymes, caffeine and pungent substances

Various substances that occur naturally in plants can have a positive effect on lipid metabolism. These include digestive enzymes found in exotic fruits such as kiwi, papaya and pineapple.

Stimulating caffeine and tannins from various types of tea, coffee, mate and guarana have an effect on the metabolism and stimulate heat generation. Hot spices such as chilli are also considered to stimulate the metabolism. Ginseng has a stimulating, appetite-suppressing effect and can have a positive effect on blood sugar levels.

Fucoxanthin from algae: Improves fat burning

The active ingredient fucoxanthin is obtained from seaweed and algae. If it is taken over a long period of time, it accumulates in the fatty tissue and increases the metabolism there. As a result, more calories are burned, which aids in weight loss.

Benefits of Fat Burners

  • The body's own lipid metabolism can be stimulated and improved by the various active ingredients.

Disadvantages of fat burners

  • A positive effect cannot be medically proven for all substances and preparations.
  • There may be unwanted side effects and drug interactions.

Use of fat burners

Fat burner preparations are available in different dosage forms. Capsules and tablets are the most common, along with drops and granules. As a rule, you take the preparations with meals. The recommended maximum dosage should not be exceeded and can be found in the product information leaflet.

Fat Burner Side Effects

Many Fat Burner supplements are classified as dietary supplements and are considered safe. Nevertheless, side effects can occur, especially if they are taken in too high doses. Which includes:

  • Palpitations and tremors from caffeine: With caffeine-containing preparations, make sure that you do not consume too much caffeine along with your usual tea, coffee, energy drink and cola consumption.
  • Overdose of minerals and vitamins: The risk of excessive doses is relatively low, but you should follow the dosage recommendations.
  • Hypersensitivity reactions: Especially with combination preparations, there is a possibility that you cannot tolerate one of the ingredients. For example, allergies to the capsaicin contained in chilli are known.
  • Known side effects of ginseng: Patients receiving treatment for diabetes and high blood pressure should only take ginseng after consulting their doctor. Ginseng extracts also have an effect on blood clotting and can increase the effects of caffeine.

This is how fat burners can support your successful diet

Fat burners are not intended as a single measure for short-term weight loss. If you want to lose weight and maintain your desired weight afterwards, a permanent change in diet and an active lifestyle with sufficient exercise are recommended. Fat Burner can help you break down body fat in conjunction with the other measures. It is important that you plan for the longer term and give the active ingredients of the Fat Burner preparations time to develop their effects.

Natural fat burning tips

Also remember to support your body's own fat burning process through further measures.

Breakdown of fat deposits through physical activity

Fat deposits are energy reserves for your body that it uses when it comes to increased energy consumption. Your body burns more fat when you move around and do more physical activity. You should therefore plan enough physical activity in your daily and weekly routine so that your body has the opportunity to increase its natural fat burning. Certain endurance sports like jogging or walking have been shown to be very effective for fat loss.

Optimize fat metabolism through a balanced diet

A balanced diet is essential for the body to burn fat properly. The body can work best when it is not overloaded with too much food, but still receives all the important nutrients in sufficient quantities.

  • Smaller meals spread over the day, which contain many minerals and vitamins, are a very good basis.
  • High-quality protein, which the body can easily utilize, is important for the formation of hormones that are involved in metabolic processes. By doing this, you will help your body burn body fat naturally.
  • On the other hand, you should avoid too high a proportion of foods rich in carbohydrates. They increase the secretion of insulin, which makes it difficult for the body to break down fat.

Please note: The drugs listed in the guidebook do not represent the authors' recommendations. This is only a loose selection of preparations that contain a certain active ingredient and / or are assigned to a special product category. These are entered directly via our website and are by no means an invitation to buy a specific drug.

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