What is the best coaching for NID

Extra class!Participant's voice, systemic coaching, 2019

Perfect mixture of introduction of the methods and application. That's why I decided to go to the academy.Participant's voice, systemic coaching, 2019

An incredibly trusting atmosphere, wonderful trainers, super instructive and inspiring - it promoted my personal development and enriched me - just wow! Participant's voice, systemic coaching, 2019

A high degree of freedom and flexibility in terms of the fact that speed, dynamism and abundance are always very well oriented towards the current dynamics of the group.Participant's voice, systemic coaching, 2019

The different trainers / cool guys! The methods variety! The opportunity to practice, to try! The culture & mood - complete confidence.Participant's voice, systemic coaching, 2019

Excellent workshop! Great! Very high competence of the trainer, very experienced - it was of benefit to me / us.Participant voice, systemic coaching, 2019/2020

Thank you for the very good structure and organization, great! Participant voice, systemic coaching, 2019/2020

Aroused desire and curiosity to apply knowledge promptly. Participant voice, systemic coaching, 2019/2020

Super designed flipcharts create a visual bridge (great for later reflection) and show the appreciation of the participants. Participant voice, systemic coaching, 2019/2020

“And congratulations: The first workshop in systemic coaching was great! You have a lucky hand in choosing the speaker and the content. I look forward to the further workshops! " Participant voice, systemic coaching, 2020/2021