Future life for a divorced woman

A course to cope with and come to terms with
of separation and divorce

Draw new hope

A breakup or divorce hurts and hurts. Life needs to be reshaped and many questions arise. loving-failing-life offers you support in this process, regardless of whether you are recently separated or divorced or the divorce has been behind you for some time. Through inputs and discussions in small groups, you will receive concrete help in coping with and processing your situation.

Course topics

  • Face the consequences of separation and divorce
  • Communication and conflict resolution
  • forgiveness
  • Cultivate relationships with children and other people
  • Ethical issues
  • Legal issues
  • To build a new life
  • Closing evening: celebrate together

The course takes place on site on six evenings with dinner or three Saturdays with lunch. Online courses are also offered once or twice a year. In all three course formats, a legal specialist will give a lecture on an additional evening. All course formats end with a festive evening to which guests can also be invited. The course is led by people who have had to deal with a divorce themselves. love-fail-life is also suitable for people who have to cope with a separation from a life partner. The course is based on Christian values, but is helpful regardless of religious belief. The course is also offered in French-speaking Switzerland: www.cours-revivre.ch