What is DJ in the locomotive

locomotive | without country | dj waterfall

concert | belle ├ętage

21:00 locomotive (Bremen)
22:00 ohneland (Bremen)
afterwards dj waterfall (greta cottage workshop, haseland | norway)

the locomotive takes you on a fascinating journey. with arabic melodies on georgian mules it goes to the east by moonlight. with a steaming kettle she drives through the mid-summer night, wild equestrian tournaments and hungarian wedding dances. after a stopover in the north, the locomotive rattles along the mississippi, past the blues-smeared southern states. stomping rhythms and crisp bass drive you tirelessly. enjoys the hot wind, celebrates sweaty parties in the compartments looking for the destination station.

johannes haase are without land: electric violin and effects - and ingo bohren: drums. the two play on the basis of simple rhythms that are not commonly used in this country. The violin weaves multi-layered levels of sound and beat into drum rhythms that are straightforward and reduced to the essentials; intense spherical soundscapes, synchronous loops and overlapping rhythmic elements .; music that consciously turns away from overrepresented beats and musical styles and concepts.

different waterfall is dj, makes music, comes from oslo and lives in bremen. his organic electronic music is determined by field recordings, warm sounds and melodic-atmospheric surroundings. this can also be found in his dj sets, in which he approaches different genres and styles openly and in a variety of ways, which he mixes with one another.