What is content writing and ghost writing


Ghostwriting: short explanation

With ghostwriting, an author writes a text on behalf of another person. The customer instructs the ghostwriter to write a work because he lacks either the time, the motivation or the ability to write it himself. This can be, for example, a book, a biography or a speech. In addition, ghostwriting occurs very often in connection with scientific work.

Detailed explanation:

The legal dispute between the former Federal Chancellor Helmut Kohl and his former ghostwriter Heribert Schwan brought the subject of ghostwriting back into focus. The journalist Schwan had met the former chancellor for several talks, recorded tapes and wrote parts of Kohl's biography. After a dispute, Kohl ended his collaboration with his former ghostwriter - a fight for the publication of his earlier statements broke out.

With ghostwriting, a customer instructs an author to write down what he wants to communicate. Clients are usually politicians, famous personalities or companies.

Customers can either hire ghostwriters themselves or they can be hired by a publisher or agency. The ghostwriter is usually not named as the author of the work, but is sometimes mentioned in the imprint or the acknowledgment.

Examples of ghostwriting

Many well-known personalities from showbiz, sports, politics and business publicly acknowledge that a ghostwriter wrote their biography.

Examples include the following books:

  • "Nothing but the truth" by Dieter Bohlen was written by the ghostwriter and picture columnist Katja Kessler.
  • Behind the biography of Berlin Mayor Klaus Wowereit "... and that's a good thing" is the ghostwriter Hajo Schumacher.
  • In his autobiography “Panikpräsident”, Udo Lindenberg resorted to the journalist Kai Hermann, who became famous for his book “Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo”.
  • Model Heidi Klum had her book "Naturally Successful" written by the ghostwriter Alexandra Postman.
  • Tennis legend André Agassi relied on the writing skills of Pulitzer Prize winner J. R. Moehringer for his biography "Open".

Ghostwriting in the academic field

Whether bachelor thesis, master thesis, diploma thesis or dissertation: There are various agencies for ghostwriting that use the formulation skills of authors to advertise the writing of scientific papers in particular. The prices per page vary depending on the effort and the period in which the work is to be delivered.

According to many agencies, inquiries for the ghostwriting of academic work often come from students in the fields of economics, law, and social sciences and humanities. But also in other subjects, some students pay ghostwriters if they do not want to write a paper themselves.

The case law on ghostwriting is inconsistent. It is not forbidden to write scientific texts on behalf of another person. For example, many professors have their academic staff write their work. However, when submitting an academic paper, students usually have to sign an affidavit confirming that they are the author. If the work of a ghostwriter is then submitted unchanged, they are liable to prosecution. In addition to de-registration, this can also result in fines.

For this reason, ghostwriting agencies advise their customers, according to their own statements, to only view the work of ghostwriters as a template - and not to submit them unchanged to universities. To what extent this is followed in practice is questionable. In the context of the plagiarism affair surrounding the former Federal Defense Minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg, there were rumors that he had been subjected to a bad ghostwriter while doing his dissertation.


Ghostwriters write books, speeches, biographies or scientific work on behalf of customers who do not want to or cannot write a text themselves. While ghostwriting is common practice for celebrities and politicians, ghostwriting is highly controversial in the academic field.

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