Do you like vegans

Do you like milk, are you vegan? Then get on the oats!

Milk is, you could say, the white gold of the kitchen. To go without them is a painful loss. Mainly because the common milk substitutes that can be bought in the supermarket all taste like paper dissolved in water. Soy milk, ugh Deibel! Industrially produced oat or almond milk also messes up the best coffee. And coconut milk is tastier, but because of its ecological footprint, it is sheer madness. What to do? Do it yourself! The only thing that is needed is a potent stand mixer, or blender in New German, and a so-called nut milk bag, i.e. a reusable straining cloth. In an emergency, a crockery hanger or a coffee filter is also possible.

If you are halfway serious about veganism, the milk substitute made from regional oats is the first choice, and it works like this: Wash mugs full of oatmeal, soak overnight and rinse thoroughly the next day. Then pour the oats into the blender with three mugs of water and a pinch of salt. Mix at the highest level. Pour the porridge into the nut milk bag or the dish hanger and collect the milk. Squeeze out the oat mixture well. Mix the milk again in the blender and strain again. Finished. Important: always shake the milk well before use!

If you like, you can refine the milk with cinnamon and vanilla. Incidentally, the oat substitute can be made into muesli or baked into biscuits.