What is a marriage of convenience 1

US psychologist Robert EpsteinThat's what the professor says, he recommends marriage of convenience

He is for marriage without love: Professor Robert Epstein (61) studied psychology at the US elite university Harvard and does research on arranged marriages. His work concludes that such relationships can work surprisingly well.

Epstein's five theses about relationships:

1. We confuse lust with love

Epstein: “We often look for unsuitable partners. We imagine we are in love; in fact, we only feel physical attraction. That is why every second marriage in the USA fails. "

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2. A happy relationship can be produced

“If a man and a woman look hard in each other's eyes for two minutes, their feelings for one another will grow; even if they don't know each other. "

3. Life is not a love story

“In films, people magically come together. Those who believe in it put their love life in the hands of fate instead of taking it into their own. "

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4. You can strengthen a relationship

"Practice your conversation skills, stand up for the relationship, and adapt to the partner."

5. Reason beats feeling

“Relationships that are made for reasons of reason or sympathy can become significantly stronger over time. Studies have shown that. The opposite is true for relationships based on feelings. "

If you want to know if someone is right for you: Professor Epstein offers a free partnership test on arewegoodtogether.com (unfortunately only in English).

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First, you provide standard information on appearance, height and figure. Character traits (self-confident, lazy) are queried as well as lifestyle and eating habits or the desire to have children. Then it gets even more intimate: What type of relationship are you? How much experience do you have in bed?

Finally, the wish list follows: You can enter what your partner should be like (age, appearance, relationship type, etc.). The same information is requested about both “candidates”. At the end you get a percentage that says how well you fit together.

Attention: In the evaluation you get every answer of the test partner - that can be embarrassing.

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