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Our goal at sportwetten.t-online.de is not only to feed you with the latest sports betting news or betting tips. Above all, we try to bring you closer to the best betting providers and analyze them for you. What are the weaknesses and strengths of Tipico, bet365 and Co.?

But that's not it yet. Because we especially want to help the inexperienced among you to be successful in betting. How? By bringing one or the other safe sports betting strategy closer to you. You can of course put your money on your favorite team or trust friends who will advise you on this or that tip.

But it is better to be prepared to go into a bet. And there are various betting strategies for this. With the right sports betting system, we don't promise you that you will win every bet, but it should reduce your losses a lot. But what are the best sports bets and which strategy is most successful with?

We highlight the most common and most successful betting strategies and show you when you should bet, how and with what type of bet!

The best betting strategies

There are no guarantees with us either, because at the end of the day, chance often decides whether your bet will work or not. Football in particular is known for writing the craziest stories.

But with these betting strategies you play it safe and type a bit more relaxed than if you were only guided by your emotions:

Handicap betting

If a team is vastly superior to its opponent in football, a classic win bet on this team is very seldom worth it. Many bookmakers offer their customers a clever solution to this dilemma - the handicap bet. The supposedly weaker opponent is given a lead, which is added to the later, actual result. For example, the favorite starts with a fictitious 0: 2 deficit, which only plays a role on your betting slip, but significantly improves your odds. If that favorite wins the game by at least three goals, you win too. The relevant result for you and your betting slip is then 3: 2. Find out more about handicap betting here.

Asian handicap

The Asian Handicap is a form of the classic handicap bet that is particularly popular in Asia. Again, there are many different variants and markets that are eligible for Asian Handicap bets. You not only have the chance to increase your odds by letting the favorite start the game behind. You can also add other hurdles to your bet that will increase your odds even further. So your team could start with a 0: 1 deficit, but also has to win the game with two goals difference in the end. Find out more about Asian Handicap betting here.

Halftime score

The most popular bet is the 1 / X / 2 bet. You either bet team 1 on victory, team 2 on victory or even on X (draw). It is crucial that the outcome of the bet is based on the final result after regular playing time (90+ minutes). With a heavily favored opponent, this bet might not be particularly worthwhile. With the half-time / full-time strategy you can divide the game into these sections. This creates many different variants that you can bet on. Here some examples:

Example 1 - You bet 1 / X / 2 at half time
Here you can place the classic win / draw / loss bet on the result at halftime.

Example 2 - Both teams score in the first half.

Example 3 - Half Time Result + Total Goals
Combine a team's half-time lead with a total goals bet. For example: Team 1 wins the first half and there are more than 1.5 goals in total.

In Champions League first legs, for example, it is not uncommon for the teams to feel each other in the first 45 minutes and not risk too much. Thanks to the half-time / full-time bets, you can improve your odds if you expand your "Win Team 1" bet to the two halves, i.e. specify it.

Head to head

A head to head bet (H2H) is a direct comparison of two competitors. So you can exclude other participants of a competition from your bet. For example, if you're only considering two sprinters to win the 100m event at the Olympic Games, a H2H bet is a good idea. H2H bets are also very popular in Formula One or horse racing, where this betting strategy originated. So there are only two possible outputs. Either athlete A wins, or athlete B.

Double chance

You believe that a team will win, but you can also imagine that the game could end in a draw? If you can rule out a victory for the opposing team, you have come to the right place. You significantly minimize your risk by betting on two outcomes - for example, victory and for a draw.

Of course, the lower risk is also reflected in the quota offered. Accordingly, "double chance" bets make the most sense in games in which there are no big favorites, or you believe that the underdog can create a surprise. In terms of odds, such bets are usually only interesting if you bet on the underdog.


As is well known, anything can happen in a DFB Cup game. In the quarter-finals, Bayer Leverkusen will now receive the newly promoted Union Berlin. It is very likely that Leverkusen will prevail in regular time. Nevertheless, there is a bit of a sensation in the air here. After all, Union has already annoyed some big players in the Bundesliga this season. So we bet on double chance, tie and victory Union Berlin. Here you can see the different odds in comparison:

The prerequisite for double chance betting is of course that there are more than two possible outcomes. They are most popular in football, for example. On the one hand, it happens comparatively often here that the outsider traps the supposed favorite, on the other hand, in contrast to sports such as tennis or darts, there is a chance of a draw. A lower risk, paired with good odds on the surprise and a suitable stake, make double chance bets very popular and lucrative.

Corner bets

Corner bets are all about the sometimes more, sometimes less dangerous standards of the corner flags. Depending on the provider, you can bet on a wide variety of events. In addition to the popular "total more than xy corners in the game", you can also bet on which team will get the first corner or when the first corner will be given. In addition, there are many other options on the corner kick market.

  • Team 1 / X / 2 gets more corners
  • Over / under 8,9,10, ... corners
  • Who will score more corners in the first half?
  • Who gets the last corner

The corner kick bets offered vary greatly from bookmaker to bookmaker. While Tipico and Bet365 offer a comparatively large number of options, with Bet3000 you will probably be able to place fewer or no bets on corners.

For smart corner bets shots on goal and crosses are decisive. The more often a team tries to close or hits sharp crosses into the danger zone, the higher the likelihood that the ball will be cleared or deflected for the corner. When betting live, keep a close eye on the statistics of the current game (this is provided in many bookmaker apps). Corner bets are particularly popular with Bundesliga bets, as there are often fewer than many corners and the odds for an under 9.5 corners are often really good!

Surebet / Safe Betting

A so-called surebet is not a particularly safe bet itself, but a surebet means reinsuring a bet with a second or further bet. The main thing is to take advantage of the varying odds of different providers or within a game. The reinsurance of a bet through surebets is one of the advanced betting strategies and requires a higher degree of attention, as you may have to react very quickly to changing odds.

The core of a surebet is basically that the return of each individual bet exceeds the total stake of all bets combined. As a result, the yields are logically significantly lower. So if you want to achieve high profits with as few bets or effort as possible, you should perhaps seek out other betting strategies. This is about the famous small cattle, but they can also do a lot of crap.

In principle, you have to differentiate between 2-way and 3-way bets. Using two examples, we will show you how you can dry out your bets. To do this, however, you need betting accounts with at least two providers.

Example 1: 2-way bet (tennis)

There are only two possible exits here. Either player A wins or player B. We bet a total of € 100 and CANNOT lose.

  • At bookmaker 1, the odds on player A are 2.15
  • At bookmaker 2, the odds on player B are 1.95


(* the profit refers to the total stake (€ 100) of both bets.)

One of your two bets will of course not work. But you see, no matter who wins in the end, you win at least € 2.25.

Example 2: 3-way bet (soccer)

Making a 3-way football bet completely risk-free is not that easy. Above all, the prerequisites have to be right. A clearly favored team has to play against an outsider. You still need a bookmaker (we have had good Bet3000 experience with favorite bets)

  • With bookmaker 1, the win rate on team A is an impressive 14.0
  • With bookmaker 2 the odds for a tie are 8.0
  • With bookmaker 3, the win rate on team B is 1.3

We bet 100 € again as follows:

(* the profit refers to the total stake (€ 100) of both bets.)

Again, of course, only one of your three bets will come off, but you will win at least € 3.52.

Another variant of the surebets are "bets against the draw". This is where your attention, or your reaction speed, comes into play. With this betting strategy, the only thing that can harm you is a goalless draw, i.e. 0-0. To do this, the following two steps must be followed.

Step 1:

First of all, place a bet against the draw, i.e. double chance, team A or team B wins. To do this, choose a game in which two equal teams meet, so the odds are pretty much in balance. You should use odds of at least 1.3 for the double chance bet.

If one of the two teams wins the game, you will receive a net profit of € 15 with a stake of € 50. It is the case that in such evenly balanced games there is no winner, so the game ends in a draw. In step 2 we will now take care that a draw can no longer harm you.

Step 2:

To do this, you must follow the game as seamlessly as possible. As soon as either team scores a goal, you have to react quickly. Because shortly after the opening goal, the rate of a draw is highest. The time of the hit also plays a role. The later the goal is scored, the higher the odds. But don't hesitate too long. Once the balance falls, you could lose it all.

The odds on a tie should now be at least 4.0. From this value you can assume that you can hedge your bet against the draw. The higher the rate, the better.

In order to end up with a profit from this game in any case, calculate your stake as follows:

A goal has been scored and the draw rate is currently 7.0 - we strike.
The bet is calculated from the potential total profit of the first bet divided by the odds on the tie. So € 65 / 7.0 = € 9.30 bet on a draw. Now all exits are secured and you are on the safe side.

  • Team A or B wins: € 5.70 net profit [(€ 50 x1.3) - € 9.30]
  • Game ends in a draw: € 5.80 net profit [(€ 9.30 x7.0) -9.30 € -50 €]

As with the Surebet, no big jumps are to be expected here, but at least you reduce your risk enormously. At most, the goalless draw could thwart your plans. But a bit of risk is part of sports betting. A thorough comparison of odds at different bookmakers is essential here and can be decisive for success or loss. We recommend our bookmaker comparison for this purpose. For new registrations, you can also benefit from the various welcome offers. Take a look at our betting bonus comparison.

Goal scorers betting

There are many different ways to be successful in scorer betting. It is of course always essential that goals are scored. The individual betting markets then differ in terms of the period in which the goals must fall and by whom they are scored. The combination options are only specified and limited by the various betting providers themselves.

Here are a few examples of scorers betting in a game:

  • Player A hits at least once
  • Player A scores twice, three times, ...
  • Player A hits first / last
  • Player A meets in the 1st HZ
  • Player A scores + team win
  • Team 1 hits at least once, twice, ...
  • Team 1 hits first, last

But you can also place long-term bets on goalscorers. Here, too, the individual bookmakers offer very different selections:

  • Player A is the top scorer in the 1st Bundesliga
  • Player A scores over / under X goals in the Bundesliga
  • Player A scores more goals than player B in the Champions League
  • Team XY scores the most goals in the Bundesliga

These are just a few examples of goalscorer bets. According to our Tipico experience, you will not only find a particularly large number of betting options at Germany's most popular provider, but also unusual special bets.

For example, you can bet at Tipico that Erling Haaland will score the most goals in the second half of the 2019/2020 Bundesliga season.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

The most important thing about this form of betting is that you are well informed which players are used as often as possible, are in good shape and are not injured. The game system of the coach, as well as the harmony between the players (template givers) of a team naturally also play a role here. In the case of top teams, which can often only be stopped by fouls, it is particularly important who will kick the penalty kicks due?

In addition, when making scorer bets on individual games, you should also take a close look at your opponent. How stable is the defense of the opposing team? Has the defense chief been suspended or injured?

In addition, keep an eye on the statistics. Some players particularly like to score against an opponent. Or the opponent has conceded a particularly large number or few goals in the last three games. The well-informed sports bettor has a clear advantage here.

Over / under bets

Over / Under is a very popular way of betting on the number of goals that will be scored in a game in most cases. Depending on the bookmaker, you will be offered different betting options.

  • More than / less than 2.5 goals in the game
  • More than / less than 3.5 goals in the game

But you can also bet on warnings, throw-ins or corners:

  • More than / less than 8.5 corners in play
  • More than / less than 2.5 yellow cards in play

Over / under bets are most profitable if you combine them with other selections in the bet configurator. For example, Team A wins and there are more than 2.5 goals. Or you can make a classic combination bet and combine two over / under bets from different games. As with any combination bet, the respective odds are multiplied.

Take a look at the statistics of the last five games of the individual teams here in advance. For example, if Dortmund have always scored at least three goals in the last five games, but also conceded a few goals, they are most likely not doing too much wrong if they bet on more than 2.5 goals in total.

Combination bets

Combining bets is one of the most popular betting strategies for generating a significantly higher total rate from several, relatively safe individual odds (favorite bets). The combination bet has some advantages that cannot be disregarded, but also a decisive disadvantage. If only one selection goes wrong, the entire betting slip is lost.

Of course, some providers now also offer options to save the betting slip if only one tip out of several goes wrong. This is called system bets. But one after anonther. This is how a combination bet works:

For a successful combination bet, you should not combine more than 2-4 tips with each other.The more you add to your betting slip, the higher the risk that one of your tips will not work. We'll show you an example of what a combination bet could look like.

With the same stake, you have a significantly higher profit. The risk is now also significantly higher. So make sure that you combine the safest possible bets and not too many selections.

Another strategy could of course be to combine many selections, thereby achieving a mega odds of 30.0 or higher and then only wagering € 2 or € 3. There are no limits to your imagination.

System betting

System bets are basically weakened combination bets in which you also win, if not all of the selections you have combined work out without exception. Your risk is therefore significantly lower, which is of course also reflected in the overall quota offered. So in most cases you will get a lower profit with system bets. There are different systems for system bets.

  • 2 of 3
  • 3 out of 4
  • 2 out of 4, etc.

An example: System bet 2 out of 3

You submit three tips, from which three 2-way combination bets are now formed, since you only have to be correct with two of your three tips. We stake € 10 per bet.

So we type:

  • Leverkusen wins against Frankfurt: odds 2.10
  • Dortmund wins against Gladbach: odds 2.25
  • Leipzig wins against Wolfsburg: odds 1.85

This results in the following combination bet pairs:

  • Bet 1: win Leverkusen (2.1) + win Dortmund (2.25)
  • Bet 2: win Dortmund + win Leipzig
  • Bet 3: win Leipzig + win Leverkusen

If Leverkusen and Dortmund win, but Leipzig lose the game, you have the following opportunities to win:

  • Bet 1: won, as Leverkusen and Dortmund were both successful
  • Bet 2: lost because Leipzig lost
  • Bet 3: lost because Leipzig lost

We bet € 10 per combination (i.e. € 30 in total), this now results in a profit of € 47.25 (€ 10 x 2.1 x 2.25)

In system bets, you should therefore always include bets with odds above 2.0 in order to achieve an attractive profit in the end. So choose a game in at least one of three bets in which two equally matched opponents meet. But always include a banking tip, i.e. a supposedly safe tip that you are absolutely convinced of.

Long term bets

Long-term bets, as the name suggests, run over a longer period of time, such as an entire Bundesliga season. You can bet on a wide variety of events.

  • Who will be German champions
  • Who will win the Bundesliga without Bayern (overall win without) *
  • Who will be the top scorer in the Bundesliga?
  • T. Werner scores more than 28.5 goals this season - yes / no
  • Who descends or promotes
  • Which team has the most wins


* Here you can bet on who would be at the top if Bayern Munich were simply deleted. Of course, it doesn't matter whether Bayern is champions or 3rd.

The individual betting providers offer you the most varied types of long-term bets. At Tipico, for example, you can also bet on whether a team will make it into the top 3, top 4 or top 6. Coach and player bets also fall under the long-term bets category.

  • Will Hansi Flick remain Bayern coach next year - yes / no
  • Who will be the next Bayern coach?
  • Where is Kylian Mbappe moving to?

Last but not least, cup bets are of course also included:

  • Who'll win the Champions League?
  • Where are the best EURO 2021 bets?
  • Will Bayern get the double?
  • Will Bavaria get the triple?
  • Who will be the top scorer in the Champions League?

You should not bet too high amounts in such long-term bets, as players can injure themselves at any time and of course teams can also be unhappy in cup competitions. Depending on the competition and the current situation, it is worthwhile in advance to compare the odds on Real Madrid or FC Barcelona in exciting leagues such as the Spanish LaLiga.