Who is your favorite football expert?

“The European Championship mission begins”, visible in large letters on the German team bus, is already a big phrase that can be punished quickly.

Even at the women's World Cup in their own country in 2011, the women were out of luck with the slogan: “Never again third”. Instead of the hoped-for title win, there was the elimination and also the non-qualification for this year's Olympic Games in London. A tough blow, especially for the active ones!

On March 2nd, 2012 there was a survey in the “Leipziger Volkszeitung” about the expected performance of the Germans at this European Championship. Already then I had the following firm opinion:

Of course we Germans could make a long nose this time! Why?

- Löw is certainly not a master yet-
been a trainer, but in the wake of the later
(after the Bayern commitment) Kliensmann
he can already get some remarkable results

- Today's change of president at the DFB will be
also provide an incentive, but a guarantee alone
this is not for the title.
As seen in the friendly match
were, they are still under construction
the French apparently much further
as we.

- Spain shouldn't be expected this time

- The new (Bremen) green jersey should do the same
not have been when Germany
may have already passed after the preliminary round.

- A statistic plays in such a tournament
Definitely only an unimportant role, because completely different actors are now on the field.

- Some, like me, a somewhat pessimistic chronicler,
has already recognized that blocking alone is not a panacea for
can be a victory. The recent example of RB Leipzig showed how to be sheer
indomitable and self-proclaimed favorite for
promotion to the 3rd Bundesliga with a
Block formation of thrown together players
with past experience from all leagues of
Near and more far, equipped with a
domestic ultra-modern stadium and training
area that FC Bayern Munich likes too
could have failed. Its inferior
Zwickau opponent (5th division), who for a long time no
has more of its own stadium and often in one
must train in the dark hall on sandy ground,
tore himself up with the last of his strength
Alternative place in a residential area to
of course a bit happy in the end, on the
very interesting next cup opponent,
Second division club FC Chemnitz to be allowed to come across.

- The last point, the participation of active people who earn their money in other countries, is insignificant, as in all
Teams will have enough players of this type.

- 2012 European champion becomes an outsider,
therefore not Germany!