Is the wording correct in English these days?

German-English translation for "correct"

"correct" English translation

  • correct
    correct use, meaning, time etc
    correct use, meaning, time etc
    correct use, meaning, time etc
  • correct
    Correct behavior, clothing, etc.
    Correct behavior, clothing, etc.
    Correct behavior, clothing, etc.
  • correct
    correct person, behavior etc
    correct person, behavior, etc.
    correct person, behavior etc
  • wicked
    correct very good slang, casual colloquial language, jargon | slangl
    correct very good slang, casual colloquial language, jargon | slangl
Policymakers struggle to get their assessment right.
It is difficult for economic policy to make correct assessments.
The French, Danish and English versions are correct.
The Italian, Danish and English versions are correct.
If he reads the English version, he will be able to see what the wording should be.
In the English edition he can read how the text should be called correctly.
Russia's calculations proved correct.
The Russian calculation turned out to be correct.
That view is not quite right.
This view is not entirely correct.
And is the Commission aware whether they apply that territorial clause correctly or not?
Has the Commission informed whether Israel is correctly applying this territorial clause?
It is therefore wrong for people to talk about a European army.
That is why it is not correct to speak of a European army.
Nowadays I feel everybody has become politically correct to everybody!
I feel like everyone is politically correct about everyone these days!
I think that summers judgments are fair and correct.
I believe that Summer's judgment is fair and accurate.
  • grammatical, well-formed
  • yes (main form), positive (technical jargon), roger (coll.), exactly, exactly
  • according to regulations, clean (coll.), properly, properly (technical jargon)
  • exactly, right, flawless, exact, precise (coll.), precise, concise, conscientious, accurate
  • exact, applicable, correct (main form)
  • decent, impeccable, decent, socially acceptable
  • meticulous, meticulous, precise, accurate, (extremely) meticulous, meticulous, conscientious, meticulous
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